Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gumball memories

Do you remember when you were a child and would feed the gumball machine pennies or nickels or dimes, just to get the one color you just had to have? I think for me it was always red or yellow! Even today, those are two of my favorite colors and I love aqua also. That's a happy combination, wouldn't you say! Every so often I revisit these gumball machine photos that I was lucky to take with permission of an antique store proprietor. I keep playing with the photos adding different textures trying to come up with just the right one. I kind of like this one, but still not 100 percent what I'm searching for. Once I do get it right, I'll probably get the photo on canvas or maybe the newest thing- metallic tin.
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1 comment:

meg said...

For whatever reason, I was into orange. I dont know why, i don't particularly like the color now, and didn't have an attachment to it then. i guess I just liked the flavor of orange sugar lol :)

Cool shot, love the texture