Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow bad snapshots!

Yes, even pro photogs can take bad shots! I just darted out the door, nearly barefooted and snapped quickly. Then darted back in. Hopefully in the morning I can go out and get something more artistic. I love the snow, was a bit bummed out today when I realized I had misplaced my flash cards when the snow was coming down. Big, beautiful flakes!

Makes great art!

Wouldn't this be cute as an 11x14 matted and framed hanging on the wall? If you book a newborn session with me and like this design, just let me know! I can create one using any colors. I think it would also be darling as a canvas gallery wrap, making it a simplistic art piece for your child's room that would become a family heirloom.

Blizzard Creativity!

This is what happens when you are stuck in the house during a blizzard! My creative mode has kicked into overdrive and I'm trying new things and loving the results.
The first one is M. and CJ's baby. I purposely made the background image a little darker ..... Caiden was born in July, but he wasn't due until October! He's still just so little and such a cutie ......
This next one is a blend I created using a texture I found online and baby K's sleepyhead photo. The bottom photo is baby Caiden again using a template for a Christmas card and reworking it into a blend. So angelic!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Brothers and Sisters!

Two pairs. I love the way their nana coordinated the brother/sister duo with their clothing! Since she hasn't seen the images yet, I won't give any details away, but will say they sure are cute kids!

Sissy is a ham!

Here's Sissy! What a ham! No, make that a DIVA HAM!
I know, how can a weiner dog be a ham?! Well just look at her! She's got that "This is so stupid" look on her face.
She is so cute. As I was moving some props around, one of my tiny yellow bears was on the floor and she went right for it. Well after that, there was no taking it back. She laid claim to that stuffed animal like it was 49'rs gold!
We did everything to try and get her to pose. Including using this basket and a tall stool. She even jumped off it. We couldn't even coax her to pose with her baby K! (see earlier post) But, I think this is a nice image of her. I think she knew though that it really was baby K's session and she was just along for the ride. I love photographing pets! In fact, January is going to be PET MONTH!
Call me now to book your January pet session and you'll get a discount on the session fee!
Oh, she did get to keep the bear!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chris and Melinda's family

How can one family be so beautiful?! Even the dog, Pepper, rates. The only thing though was Pepper blended in with the black shirts and I didn't notice that until I was processing the images! Still, it was a fun session and Dad (Chris) has loads of personality keeping it all lighthearted. I love this first image where all the girls are just doing their own thing while Melynda and Chris seem totally unaware of the antics behind them!
I punched up the color on most of the images since that really is what autumn is about - lots of bright yellow leaves and deep orange pumpkins (sorry no pumpkins here).
The weather we've been having here in southern Oklahoma is fantastic. I'm hoping it holds out like this for two more weeks for more family outdoor sessions .....
Just a family moment....
again, I had the great opportunity to photograph in the Opera House across the street from my studio. We even snuck the dog in! You can see him if you look closely!

Here's another favorite of mine. It looks great in color too, but I just put up the black and white version.

Thanks Chris and Melinda (gosh I hope I spelled that right, if not, just consider us even for the accidental Y you added to my name!).
I had a great time photographing your family. Hope you enjoy the images!

You can post!

I did have this set up so only registered users could post comments. I've changed it so that anyone can post, but posts have to be NICE! Otherwise, I'll change it back! ;-)

More baby K.

Talk about ignoring the holiday rush! I love this photo. She's all curled up and for all it matters to her, it could be a raging blizzard outside. It's not often I get a teeny little newborn girl in my studio. They usually are boys, or the newborns don't make it into my studio until they are four weeks or older. Don't wait until they are that old! Call me as soon as you get home from the hospital to book a newborn session before they are 10 days old. They can change dramatically in the first three weeks!
Look at the next photo to see baby K's ballerina pose! She sure knows the importance of stretching! ;-)

And now look at her. She hasn't a care in the world knowing that her daddy will keep her safe.
She is such a beautiful baby and I'm tickled that I got to do her photographs.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Newborns, newborns!

I had planned to put several from Misty and Jason's session today of their darling 3 week old girl. BUT, it will have to wait until morning! Lullaby calls.. (more below)

how cute is this? These bows are darling! I believe that little Ms. K. is the youngest baby I've photographed. Too fun!
I will get a fewmore images up Saturday!

CJ and Megan's precious package and beautiful daughter!

Had to post a few from Friday's morning session. This little guy and his big sister are so adorable! Thank you CJ and Megan for letting me photograph your beautiful children! ............. (more below!)
This was totally unplanned and probably one of my favorite photos of the month. I had the Christmas paper on the door and the light streamed in. The "session" was officially over so my studio lights were off .... (continue session comments below) ........

J. was so timid about holding 'Santa's' hand...don't know why, since she knew Santa was really "Dad".

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cute kid!

This is one of those kids that just lights up when she gets going! I had so much fun photographing her. Just had to share! The same image, just two different crops!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time's running out!

For your family, children or pet holiday photos! If you plan to use an updated image for this year's Christmas cards, call me today to book your session!
I do offer evening sessions for those who work during the day.
If you find one of my cards that look like the one at left (they are all over the county with different images and colors) and call me and bring in one of the cards, you will get 8 extra wallets for your paid session! I must have the card to honor this offer.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Roses from a client, tribute to Moms!

I love roses! Well, yes, most people do! But my love extends back to my childhood. My mom was known for her elaborate, very well manicured rose garden. It was huge and the roses were all in rows and stood taller than me. I found out after I was grown that she had help! She had a gardener. Way to go Mom!

My mom died almost two years ago on New Year's Day. The same day as her brother. The same day as my mother-in-law died. Nearing the holidays, both my husband and I were feeling a bit down, so when a recent client gave me these roses on Friday, just because, I knew I'd need to do something nice with them. I plan on giving her a housewarming gift with one of these as soon as her and her husband are finished building their new home! ............... I love to photograph flowers. I'll even stop and raid stranger's gardens to get my 'fix' of floral photography. I have quite a few award-winning images displayed on my dining room walls. I haven't entered any fairs or art festivals in years, but still love sharing my floral images. ................

I found some nice red toile fabric earlier this week and this was the perfect background for the red roses out of the bunch. All these were shot using available natural light streaming in my back door window. Using my washing machine as my table, I think I've found a new favorite location to photograph flowers! I usually use one of my west facing windows. ........ Climbed up on my step ladder to get this shot. The vase, barely seen, is just a cheap plastic red vase I found at the Goodwill store for like .39 cents. The photo below is the same one, I just burned in the background some to add a bit of pink to the image. ......
Did you know that Pier 1 has chosen the colors red and pink for their Christmas theme this year? I love Pier 1! .............
This last image I played with to come up with a "Victoria magazine" style image. What do you think? That magazine is no longer in print and I have several old copies. I love the photographs in them and the wonderful old prose combined with their images. The milk glass vase behind the roses is also another Goodwill find. I get a lot of my 'props' from there to use in my fine art images.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed photographing the roses. I will be offering these as greeting cards and gallery size prints or canvas. If you want to purchase anything, just e-mail me:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

OU baby, so cute!

Cevin's mom hasn't seen this one yet. It's from their September session. I love this. It's simple but fun, especially if you are an OU fan. I can do this type of photo for any sport. You probably will have to bring the prop. Oh, the final image actually has the time. I just got in a hurry last night and didn't add it to the blog version!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Session spaces limited!

It looks like I'm booked Thursday and possibly Friday morning (that date is tentively taken). I encourage all of you to book your holiday sessions now and not wait. I'm booked Dec. 2.

I do have a few spaces left for Nov. 25 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving).
My cut-off date for sessions is Dec. 10. That is the absolutely last day I will photograph prior to the holidays. (I say that now, but like last year, I was doing photos two nights before Christmas!)

I know many of you still go to the Big W portrait place and may ask, why should you choose an independent photographer? Well, from what I'm hearing, you are spending just as much $$ with them (my clients tell me they average $150 to $300 for those portraits) and I hear you just aren't happy with them. Those of you who have come to me, thank you! I have such joy in each kid session I do!

If you haven't made the leap from 'cookie cutter' photos to 'pro portraits' you need to consider a personalized holiday session! Especially if you have little kids and you want something other than the ordinary sit and say cheese photo!

Just look at the photos below to get an idea of what I offer!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Berry cute Christmas session!

Toward the end of the session, she finally smiles! Probably 'cause she knew Santa wasn't scary! (Thanks to her mom for the role of Santa!) All kid sessions booked for the holidays will get a Santa pic, as long as mom plays the part!

EDITED: Urban Prairie Christmas style: I've found some old vintage screens and added some tin stars. The photo won't be complete until I work some 'flair' magic on it! I've edited this, because I just really didn't like all the twirly on the photo. I'll add a new one in. Wondering what Urban Prairie is? Think Junk Gypsies and think UP style. Look up their sites! FUN! Urban, not country, trendy, not old fashioned!
I think this (above) speaks for itself!

Here's the shot that made me squeal. It also startled the mom! Have you recovered yet Cassie?! I knew when I got this shot, that it would probably be one of my favorites! It's a true moment. Forget the cheesy smiles, though they are nice, I love photos that really capture a child in their own world! And this is just a hint of what you get when you choose Toni Hopper Photography!
So, what are you waiting for? Call me today to book your session for the holidays!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Holiday Photos!

There's a post farther below with a special, but I'm offering a $99 one day special. You must call me by this Saturday if you are wanting holiday photos for November 25. Session, which includes photos, must be pre-paid by this Saturday. If I have enough people wanting family photos done that weekend after Thanksgiving, I will be using a historic building here in Marlow as the setting. These will not necessarily be Christmas-y, but instead a great photo to treasure of your family. There will be a Christmas setting, but I must know by Saturday. Please don't wait! I won't be doing photos after November, except for kids quick pics on December 2nd, both in Marlow (morning) and Duncan (afternoon). Location for Duncan photos to be revealed at a later date. (I know, just not telling yet!)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attitude .... get some!

Look at that little smirk! It really goes with the "Attitude" of the many pieces that can be found at Dana Anderson Designs (in the Marlow Mercantile) though I may have to grab this one for myself. But if you don't have attitude, you'll need to "Believe" in the "Faith" and always "Hope" for the future. If you are interested in any of these pieces, e-mail me so I can let you know how much they are. They probably won't last long!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dana, Fisher and Randy

How cool is this shot! These were done with natural lighting in a historic building that I guess, dates back to the 1800s during the days of Indian Territory here in now the State of Oklahoma.
I'd love to have a building like this to always do photos in. I'd leave it just like it is. In fact, this building stays rented out on the weekends for wedding receptions. I am hoping to get 10 family sessions booked for Nov. 25..a Saturday! If you're interested, keep an eye here tomorrow for the information.

This shot is Dana's favorite of her son, Fisher. Isn't he adorable! She plans to order it in a wall size gallery canvas to sit on her mantel. Great choice Dana! She has such a great eye for design. It's funny, Dana and I went to school together when I lived here (but I graduated in Colorado). Back then, we were on the basketball team together and had a lot of classes together. We talked at times, but just on a social level and didn't hang out together. Now, more than 25 years later, we find out we have a lot in common, especially our love of antiques and 'stuff'... Plus our oldest sons were friends in high school after I moved back here. Anyway, I was tickled to do her photos and I'll say, it's been my favorite session this year!

Now, this is a family portrait. Forget the studio settings and canned smiles. Just be natural and I'll get the photo that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

One of Dana's favorites! Mine too!

The $100 Couch!

I saw this couch about two weeks ago and just knew I had to have it. I was told it was already sold and that it would be moved before the session that I was scheduling. Then, to make it worse, Dana told me it was only $100! Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Of course, not everyone would be thrilled over it.

Well, a week went by, went and did the session, using the couch, but it would be 'gone' a few days later. Well, then, Dana gives me the number of the woman (Amanda) who bought it. She only lived down the road from my photo studio. Turns out she reupholsters furniture for a living and recently had moved her business back into her home to save on overhead (something I'm considering doing with my studio!).
She agreed to sell me the couch for the same price she paid for it. So, I recruited a couple of my son's friends (that had a pickup) and we went and got the couch.

While I was talking to Amanda, she mentioned she would be needing photos of her kids soon.

Oh, and my husband is less than thrilled with the color of the couch. IT works for me, since I love blues and greens and collect quite a bit of blue and green glass - vases, decorative pieces.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

She's gonna be a star!

Well, that's what her grandpa says! Grandpa's are great for boosting egos, I suppose. But in this case, Erica has the credits to back up his boasting. She's only 14, but Terri Clark better watch out. When Erica first began singing, I really thought it was because she wanted to be like her idol then, Katrina Elam (who by the way, I also photographed when she was about this age).

Oh, two or three years, maybe four, went by, and I heard Erica sing again in a more professional setting for the Greatest Show in the Southwest. WOW! That kid sang Unchained Melody that raised goosebumps on both mine and Rex's arms.
It's been about three or four years since I had a chance to hear or see her. Then I discover she's not the little tomboy I remember.
Watching her interact with younger children, she possesses a maturity not normally found in 14-year-old girls. And she appears a good role model, offering words of encouragement, just like Kat did a few years earlier with her.

The images are from a session we did last week at the "Funny Farm" - a reproduction old western town set, complete with church, blacksmith shop, saloon, general store and props!
Oh, and if you want to know more about Erica, she also is one of the rising stars performing with the Oklahoma Centennial Rodeo Opry. On the title, click for a link to hear her sing! She's number 32 on the jukebox. While you're there, BE SURE to listen to another awesome singer - #2 Laura Gossett! I've done a couple stories on her and have an old photo from years ago, when she sang on request in Duncan High School's principal's office for a group of foreign military officers. I'll have to dig out the NEGATIVE to get a print and scan it in, or maybe just scan in the newspaper of these days.
And be prepared when she sings "I will Always Love You" - a hanky is needed! Such soul.