Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sisters. Seniors. 1 image. 2 looks.

This image was from a wonderful session I did last spring. Both Em and Krys are seniors, high school and college. It was the first portraits they had done, with their parents since Krys was in eighth-grade! It's one of my all time favorite images. These two enjoyed hamming it up for the camera. Plus they are just gorgeous girls! Their parents are proud of them, with each pursuing a career in ag! Anyway, I played around a bit and here is new take on the old favorite! The smooth, blown-out look is proving quite popular among photographers these days. Maybe it will catch on here in southern Oklahoma!

And girls, if you send me an email each, I'll send you copies for your myspace, facebook, or wherever page!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Upcoming specials

I will be posting some upcoming specials on Monday. There are a couple of catches. The photo event that the special will be for is for a TWO DAY time period with a pre-set appointment. Be sure to share the news with friends and family who are wanting some spring portraits. All the details will be posted Monday.
And some of you may notice the watermarks on my images. That's because there was a woman in another state that has been caught stealing other people's photographs and claiming they were her own. It's a shame that we can't just share freely for fear of someone doing something like this. So many of my photographer friends are so willing to share their knowledge and their time with others just starting out, or even donate sessions for worthy causes. It's disgusting that someone would do something like that instead of taking the time to learn, invest and give back in the right manner.
Why am I sharing this here? Because, if you even post "mommy" snapshots of your children online, be sure to watermark your images for a bit of added protection. Or at least, reduce the image size so that if someone tries to use it they won't get a suitable print.
As for that woman who calls herself a photographer, I hope that either Nancy Grace or Dr. Phil calls her on it. She should be ashamed! She took advantage of people that have been more than happy to share their knowledge with many, including myself.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Flowers to brighten a rainy day!

Some photographer friends called this one my Georgia O' Keefe. I'm getting it printed BIG on a canvas to display in my home. A print of it will go in my studio.

Here's another fun favorite of mine. Notice the background matches? It's a vintage scarf I have in my collection.
Another canvas potential!
Isn't this just so happy! Yes, another vintage scarf as my background. I'm making greeting cards of these, so if you are interested, e-mail me for information. photosbytonih I purposely split my email addy. I'm sure you can figure it out!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pets and Spring portraits!

I hope to hear from some of you with PETS (Dogs, Cats or even a Bird!). It's been awhile since I did just pet portraits, so here's a reminder. Don't wait! Our pets are people too!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tutus, vintage outfits and Sailor adorableness!

She looks like a porcelain doll!
Borders are added to a few select wallet images from your session.
Another glowing moment!
It's all about the tutu!
And this one has got to be one of my favorites! That dress is one her mother wore when she was just a tot. I love vintage clothing, esp. for little tots!
In fact, I have a few outfits that can be used in your tot's session if you like that but don't have anything.

Finally! All day I've tried to access my blog. It was a minor issue, but is resolved! Before I forget, I'm booked Saturday and all day on the 31st with senior and tot sessions. I'm also partially booked for April 6. Seniors, the next two weeks really should be when you get your senior sessions out of the way so you have time to order wallets and send out graduation announcements. Call me today!

Enjoy the pictures of little miss k! Her daddy is in the Navy and I'm going to miss this family when they head to Jacksonville, Fla. this summer. (Course, you just never know, my sister lives down there and I could one day, if I talk my family into it, move down there!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vintage dresses!

Little Miss K. is 1. I photographed her when she was just a bitty newborn and again around, oh three months, I believe. This time around, her mom and dad wanted to highlight the special occasion. This dress she's wearing happens to be one her mother wore at that age! Now, that is what I call a memory. I'll post more in a few days, but meanwhile, thanks to Miss K's parents for letting me photograph your beautiful child. Can't wait to do the session of her and the dog!

For all those out there still needing information, you should be receiving it in a day or two now that my computer is back up and running.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Is that bunny real?

Now here's a kid who knows how to just have fun! She loves having her photo made and really gets into the spirit of things - as you can tell by the fact she doesn't care if her hair is a bit mussed. She must have tried on every outfit I had plus several she brought, from her Dora gown, to tutus, and found props I forgot I had. This is just one of the images from her recent session. The first thing she asked when she came in was "Is that bunny real?" Well that's for the kids to find out if you book a spring session with me. The last day for spring/Easter sessions is April 7. You must book your appointment by April 2.
Update for senior sessions during spring break. Please make your appointments now. I am booking up quickly. Senior sessions last about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the package you select (I have 3 - $75, $99 and $149, contact me for details). When I do senior sessions, I usually do about three a day. It is looking like Friday and Saturday (March 23-24) are nearly full.
I will be in sessions this weekend (March 17-18). If you call, I will return your call.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time for Spring!

Aren't these smiles sweet?!

Book a spring session of your kids and I'll include 8 additional personalized wallets like Hayley's.
The spring sessions, which are about 20 minutes each. Contact me for complete details.
I have new backgrounds arriving soon, perfect for senior photos! Seniors should book sessions now so you have your images or wallets for graduation announcements in early May.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring portraits

OK, actually these were taken in February, but I waited until now to upload them to promote upcoming spring portrait sessions! If you want 'normal' it's at Wal-Mart, Sears, etc.. but if you want a bit of creativity added to your images this spring, then call me to book an appointment (580.641.1477). I am booking up spring break sessions quickly for little ones and seniors. Times are limited but I do offer evening studio sessions.
I just love photographing M.! She is so cute! Here's the same image, just one a bit more colorful then the other.

And little Miss Hayley visited my studio for the first time. Isn't she darling! I'm so lucky that I have the cutest clients!