Friday, August 24, 2007

Midway Lights

These art images are available for sale, as prints, posters or notecards. The final image will not include the borders or my watermark. I will post prices later and will have these and more on my website for ordering. I will be putting them on my etsy store soon. More on that later!

Stephens County Free Fair - 100 years!

Here are the queens who will represent the Stephens County Free Fair this weekend and they will promote the fair until next year! I won't post the names yet, but if you know them, then you don't need their names! Congratulations to all the girls. Everyone looked so pretty last night in spite of the heat.
I have lots of midway carnival shots but don't know when I will get a chance to post them. I will try later today to post some. Meanwhile, gather your family and head to the fairgrounds in Duncan. There is plenty to do and see. Don't forget to visit the tradeshow in the exhibit building. Be sure to stop by the booth of Catchlight Photography/Shirley Helton. She is so nice! And her photos are good. I know, some of you will go, but that's your competition! No, I don't feel like I'm competing. Her maternity photos are beautiful! She does her thing and I do mine. So anyway, just be sure to stop by her booth and get to know her. She's done a fantastic job with her display.

PS. I do have more photos from the coronation ceremony. If the moms or relatives are interested, I can create an online private gallery for viewing of them. Just send me an email.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A big WAVE to Bueller Designs!
You must check out Bueller Designs at etsy! Awesome, awesome! Not only are the photos some of the best for TTV, the customer service rocks! I ordered over the weekend, got an email that the order went out and guess what?!! It arrived today, only three days later! Well really two! And, Bueller Designs also included lots of great goodies! The notecards I ordered were top notch! I love things like this, when you can't afford to collect the 'real thing' and still want to show appreciation for a fellow artist, this is the way to go! The photo below is titled "Endless Summer" and is actually available for $75. I just found out that the image is available in smaller sizes for a little less, so I may soon be getting it! It's awesome. I got the notecard version. I also got the white coral image and the Starlet image.
So, if you are looking for some cool photos to add to your decor, go visit Bueller Designs! And they make great gifts for the photographer collector in your home or even someone who loves the ocean and all things related! Oh and her collection of Photo Tiles is pretty neat! So, what are you waiting for? Go, quickly, buy something NOW!
Besides, it's fun getting stuff in the mail that you don't have to shred or toss!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

in a beachy mood

Figured that was better than the other word! Went to Allposters dot com and found some cool prints by Tammy Repp. But try as I might, I could not find this photographer online with her own site or blog. If you happen to know of her having a site, send me the link! I love her beach finds still lifes.

Etsy shop find

Found this adorable paper creation Esty shop: Petite Pear Paperie...lots of adorable tags, handmade cards and such. I love vintage and this shop has plenty of vintage appeal. Here's a photo of a cute little card over there. I have an angel and a star collection. I love to collect stars and starfish, but I am passing on this little card since I just ordered a few awesome jewelry pieces and photo notecards from two other etsy dealers! Can't wait to get those. When I do, I'll post photos and links to my favorite esty shops.

And some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted photos lately. Well, I have not been doing any for a few reasons, but I haven't 'quit' just wanted to dispel that rumor. My photography is on a back burner until other things are out of the way. But if anybody wants to donate to the "Toni" broke car fund, let me know! LOL Yes, my car is in the shop yet AGAIN! I just love the fact that the parts cost $228, yet to fix it will cost me ONLY $970! Geez, yes, I just love supporting my mechanic at Expert Tire in Duncan. If I had time, I'd find somebody else to work on it, but I guess I am paying for the speed in which I will get my car back. bwahahaha!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christmas thoughts...NOW??

Yes! What better time to think about it when the heat index is well over 100 degrees?! Actually, not Christmas yet but think fall! Crisp morning walks, crunchy golden leaves underfoot, the yummy smells of apple cider and spice and vanilla candles. See, don't you feel cooler already!
I'm offering a special. Those who book their October session with me now will get the regular $75 session, but you also will get a $25 print credit good towards an 8x10 or 2 5x7s. If you'd rather book a September session, the same offer applies. I know many of you want to get your holiday portraits done so that you can send out cards. I do offer holiday card designs for those interested. Additional fees apply.
Be sure to use the contact page on the portrait side of my web site: to email me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

How awesome is this?!!!

I loved Heart and it was really weird. My son is watching Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle and I heard a Heart song and thought, wow, memories. So of course, off to myspace I head to look for Heart and what do I find? Ann Wilson is coming out with a solo album on Sept. 11, but she's collaborated with many awesome artists, including her sister Nancy. I was so floored though, that my son who knows music looked at me funny when I mentioned Heart. I was so insulted!
I can't wait for this to come out!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Waiting list...

If you are wanting fall portraits, please e-mail me right away to get your name on a waiting list. I will soon be returning calls and booking up September and October appointments. I already have several people who are requesting sessions, so it's first come, first serve.

I'm also getting ready to do some awesome Dog portraits and am looking for a few good 'furry faces'...I want a Shih Tzu, Labradors (black, chocolate and cream), A hound dog. Those are my main picks. But if you have a dog with lots of personality, please contact me! You get a free session and a special gift for your time. I'll also give you 30 percent off any print orders you may place from this session. Please understand, these sessions will be extremly limited and will only be for an idea that I am working on, so no 'costumes' on the poochies. These also don't include the humans. If you want a photo of you with your poochie or of your child, there will be an additional session charge.

And, I'm happy to announce that I have been chosen once again to be the photographer for Bark in the Park, a fundraiser for the Stephens County Humane Society! I love doing this every year and am already working on my idea for a totally fun set this year. It's fun to get photos of people with their dogs at this event! And it's for a great cause.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Way to go Hannah!

Congratulations Hannah!!! Got home and saw the email/blog post down farther on the page from Hannah's mom. While I'd like to take a lot of the credit, I have to say, Hannah is a beautiful girl. Good luck at the 100th Stephens County Free Fair pageant. I'll do my very best to be there to cheer you on kiddo!

Here's the excited post from mom, Heather:

OMG......Hannah WON Mini-Miss Photogenic!! We are so excited!! Thank you so much for the awesome work you did with her! Be prepared to hear it over and over. LOL August 23rd is the crowning, wish us luck!! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fun stuff!

You know when you are surfing mindlessly along the internet waves and then you find something that just screams to be shared? That's Elsewares!
How I got there, I haven't any memory of. But I found all kinds of cool stuff there, including this Harbor T that is so unique, from a distance it looks like sound wave graphics or maybe a coffee addicts heart reading! Anyway, just go check out
You might find something you like!

It's yellow!

What's yellow?!! The portrait side of my Web site! Yes, it's bright, but happy and summery. So, put on some shades when you go visit! I've also added some featured galleries there, under the FEATURE button. There is one on Hannah, another on the Lara family and one on my little great Shelby. I'll be adding more as time goes on. And seniors from Class of 2008, be sure to read the pricing information for August and September specials so you can be the first in your class to have senior portraits and wallets to share. Don't wait until the end of the school year.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clearing files..

Just a quick warning. I'll be soon deleting all images shot anytime May and before. If you are wanting prints or to purchase on CD, please contact me right away. This will be a new policy (does not apply to wedding contracts) and images will be deleted after 30 days, no exceptions. Client galleries on my main Web site will be available for a very limited time to view. Ordering will need to be done while the gallery is available. I just wanted to give everyone one last chance to order wall portraits or gift desk items before I begin deleting old images.