Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crapemyrtles in bloom | Oklahoma Photographer

I have found great joy in being able to give back to my community through the art of my photography. I went out Sunday morning shooting, held an umbrella in one hand and camera in the other so I could get some shots of the crapemyrtles in bloom for the upcoming Crepes for Crapemyrtle party. I will pick out two of them and they will be matted, framed and signed and available in the silent auction July 5. I had already donated two images, but Carolyn Rodgers, the organizer of the event, asked if I wouldn't mind switching out the images to keep it more in theme. No problem!
So I really searched for areas that I could get the nicest shots from. And in keeping with the whole Duncan beautification efforts and the fact I like to promote our history and future path, I went to an area that marries that concept. The old Duncan Middle School and the Prairie House. Both were eye sores just a few years ago and now they are looking like people care about them. They are close to Main Street and that's where the awesome mural is that shouts Duncan is the crapemyrtle capital of the state.
Anyway, it's getting ready to really storm, so time to stop my post before I lose it!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday evening love or 'You spoil me'

No photos, well later maybe. But right now, I just want to share my wonderful Friday evening. Little Miss MM came over and when her daddy was ready to leave, she informed him (now remember, she isn't quite 3 yet), that she would be staying with Meme. Hey, works for Me!
So, after getting her old toenail and fingernail polish off (which for some reason her mother insists on applying, the toes I don't mind). I cleaned her up and of course, always have a new outfit for her to wear. I put that on her and off we went to WalMart to go shopping.
She informed me that she needed, not one, but two, toothbrushes. One had to be a Barbie toothbrush for her home and the other for Meme's home. It didn't stop there, she wanted the toothpaste, the hairbrush and a few other things. Then in that precious little voice and darling face, she looks up at me and says "you spoil me." It was simply a matter of statement. She's right. I do spoil her and love doing it.
I had two boys and now I know that I wasn't meant to have a girl. I was meant to have a granddaughter so that I could have days like this.
We continued our shopping spree and found her a wonderful pink beach towel with lots of colorful butterflies, then it was off to find sandwich food.
And of course a "birfday" cake... which was just a single kids cupcake. She likes the frosting. I didn't take photos while we enjoyed our cake and pink milk. It was just joy to sit and have our little pink milk party.
After that, and gobs amount of frosting all over her face, it was time for her big bubble bath. She loves bath time like I love the beach. I can't wait to take her to the beach one of these days. It'll be pure heaven. For now though, we may have to settle for the lake.
Well, now it's off to hunt a treasure in a yard sale this morning. Have a great Saturday.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oklahoma flowers | Oklahoma Photographer

I decided to add one more today. Be sure to see the one right below that I posted earlier. I love shooting flowers.

Blast of Color | Oklahoma Photographer

I already shared this on my personal facebook page, but wanted to share it with my blog readers, which is actually better, since it displays larger! I think I may even put this on my etsy page in case anyone wants to buy a copy. I also have some other things that will go up on etsy this week sometime, like the Hope and Dream candy hearts that can be seen in an earlier blog post. If you ever see one of my art images that you would like in a certain size or as a set of blank greeting cards, let me know and we can work that sale out.
Have a Happy Father's Day everyone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be ready! | Oklahoma Photographer

It's moments like this I love! I told Carly to toss the bouquet to Wil and this was the shot I got.

I love photographing weddings. There can be so much spontaneity if the couple has the right mindset. Forget everything you read about the do's and don'ts. It is YOUR DAY! So make it your day of memories. Don't try to make it a text book day, otherwise you will leave yourself disappointed. Carly and Wilson sure had the right mindset going into their big day and you could tell they were having fun. Even when the rehearsal left them drenched the night before, they never let that be a problem.
Thanks again you two! Even if I never photograph another wedding, you guys made me realize again why I love what I do. It was also pretty neat to do this one with my husband as my assistant. Thanks honey, you did great!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream Wedding | Oklahoma Photographer

I think I finally photographed a dream wedding. Carly and Wil couldn't have picked a more perfect location for their wedding and even though it was extremely hot and the after photos weren't the most "glamorous" (imagine being all hot and sweaty! LOL) the love and emotion between not only them, but all their family and friends for them made it perfect. There were so many wonderful little stories from this day that I plan to share here and there as I work on their photos.
Like the heart shaped by Wil into the 200? year old pecan tree where they exchanged vows under (it took almost an hour to transport all the guests down there before the bride was to arrive!), and the something old which the bride taped in her dressy flip flops. I feel so blessed and honored to have been chosen by them to share in their most grand day. I wish them the best and can't wait to share the images.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Image Boxes are IT! | Oklahoma Photographer

I am so excited to finally be able to say "Image Boxes...Get yours now!" From your session you pick a cover photo and back photo, pick your favorite images from your session and fill the box!

This will be an additional collection fee.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


I don't like my new blog banner. I'm looking at a whole new redesign, probably going to contract someone to fix it up for me. Have a few places in mind. Meanwhile, don't run away, I'm still here, just time for an upgrade! I like the photos, the font, just not the way I slapped it together.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Giving Back | Oklahoma Photographer

"Dream and Hope" set, because that's what it's all about for children!

There's nothing like walking into the Duncan Elk's Country Club and seeing the room filled with items donated from businesses and individuals to help the Duncan Chamber of Commerce & Industry support the First Day Program which buys books for kindergarten children (

When Cindy Reynolds first asked me through facebook if I'd donate a couple of my prints, I hesitated, thinking, "you want some of my images?" LOL Actually, it was more like, gosh, how could I ever pick anything for this? Would people like what I chose, and then it was how would I choose.

So, when I looked through the thousands of files I had, I picked something I had not promoted online, had four images printed black and white, instead of the color. Then I had a couple of beautiful floral images that I love but had not framed yet, one in metallic. I ended up giving Cindy the entire batch of images. And she was so gracious also, because she framed the images! She really is as nice as she looks!
So when I walked in saw the tables, then saw "MY" photographs framed and looking just awesome, I was a bit surprised.
I love the way Cindy framed my floral images (the one on the right is metallic). Will have to order these again for my own delight!

It really made me feel good to be helping a program that benefits children and literacy.
It was also fantastic to see so many donations. Including this fantastic image which I fell in love with from Martha Burger (MB Images).

Who really gets the thanks!! Debra Burch, Susan Camp, Laurie Baldwin and Cindy.(Sandy, where are you?!!)

At the front of the room even! Nothing like photographers getting near the front of the room. Also, big shout out to Brian Hibbard and Indie Jane photography for donating sessions. Great job Duncan photographers!!