Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Etsy favorites

These are some of my favorites. If you buy any, I'll be sad and glad. Sad you beat me to it, but glad you are supporting an etsy shop!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quick tip

Key words for each post. I should use them every time. Will do from now on. At the top of the blog you will see a little search box. Well who knew?! Type in any word, like nature, photographers, photo trades, portraits, and all my posts with that tag will come up. Like I said, who knew? Why didn't you tell me?!

A special preview

We interrupt the country drive images to offer a sneak peek into a darling session I did Sunday. This is Miss A's 1st birthday portraits, along with a few of her brother, L. Her mom called me up about a week or so ago and said she wanted something other than Wal-Mart! Yay! Daddy is in Iraq and won't be home until August. Tami said that A. was only three months when he left. I'm sure he'll become a big blubbering soldier when he sees these. I won't apologize! Ha! Just enjoy them and hopefully he'll get a package of them in the mail so he has some to carry with him.
This little girl is just gorgeous. She's as teeny as can be, but fearless and so sugary sweet. I instantly fell in love with her. We did her photos first at the Lindley House Bed & Breakfast. The grounds are lovely with lots of grass, beautiful blooming plants and flowers. We probably should have done them a couple hours later than we did, but I still managed to get some fantastic images.
Then we headed off a local park and this child was not a bit intimidated by the other children, a dog or any of it. I think the storyboard tells the tale! Thank you Tami!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Faith on a Saturday

I just felt the need for a spontaneous drive late Saturday afternoon so my husband and I grabbed my gear and off we headed. He wanted to go north as the Oklahoma clouds were really topping out, but I wanted to head toward Walters/Cotton County, which is south and then west. I had never been there, well once or twice or three times as a kid with my mom but not for photography purposes as an adult.
I wanted to find something, an old barn, horses, anything picturesque. I really longed for an old abandoned church.

I got my wish! I really want this place! There we are and right after we crossed into the next county just a bit, I saw this HUGE structure and four huge windows and started hollering. Find a road, quick, well, there was one right there, country gravel too. It was like time had passed this place by. It was so spiritual for me but I had on flip flops and fire ants were everywhere. Also, worried about snakes!
So I shot from the road. The place has to be well over 100 years old. You can't even tell it's there if driving up on it from another angle.
Here's just a few quick processes of it.

Later, in Walters, when we stopped for a shaved ice, the woman said it was an old Methodist church. My mind is spinning thinking how could I ever afford to get it, restore it! Ah..........anyway, the last shot is more like what it looks like. The others are processed a bit dark. Will probably redo those later today.
Now this one we stopped to shoot on our way back home. The sign had something different on the other side, so we would have missed this if we had taken a different route. I shot it for my brother. He is an exercise maniac! And his faith is extremely strong. I find it quite appropriate.

As children, we went to a private school in California, the Pillar of Fire Academy. Then when we moved to Oklahoma, we attended an Assembly of God church for a short while before going to the Methodist church, then the Presbyterian. Later in life, we attended First Christian Church before again attending an Assembly of God. An Assembly of God church was the last church my mother and I attended together before her death. Same with my mother-in-law. And, one of my very best friends from elementary school and junior high actually married a guy who is an Assembly of God pastor. So, see, very appropriate!
I'll have more on my afternoon drive later. I'm off to bed now. My son just accused me of typing like I'm on crack/sounding like Clark Kent over there! See, he shouldn't have fallen asleep on the couch. Ah, morning is nearly here, so I guess I should go to bed. Everytime I drink green tea, this happens. Great stuff for the creative process.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Umbrellas are for every day

I never tire of photographing her! Two different outfits, two days in a row, really just quick shots, no pre planning or anything, and using some of my props from when I had my studio open.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've been featured!

I am tickled to be featured over at the cottage cheese blog (Cottage Cheese Vintage). It's funny to see what someone else would pick out of my photographs online as a grouping and I'm not a bit disappointed. In fact, I'm so inspired, I'm going to find some vintage frames and frame the 'Picks' for my own home. Thanks again 'Cottage Cheese'...I love that title for a blog! I like CC too! Now, I've added an enclosure link but they don't always work, so I will add it to the side.

Kris rocks!

I was just going to post a short spot here on AI's 8th winner, but after reading Gina Carbone's article on Seacoastonline, well, there's a lot I can say.
She's so wrong when she says that Adam Lambert was robbed. Come on, seriously?! Adam is definitely a superstar, as Paula said many times, "iconic" but do we need an already seasoned superstar walking off with the title? I don't think so and that's why I didn't vote for Lambert.
For me, (ha, sounds a bit like Randy Jackson!) it was Danny Gokey and Allison, Kris and Adam...My husband called it right this year on Kris. I have never gotten it wrong all these years, but about three weeks ago, I started thinking that maybe I might be off a bit.
I was so shocked when Danny left, yet, tickled that Kris was in the contender spot.
Now if you've read this far, good, because here is why I believe Kris deserves the AI title and all of its glory.
Think back to Kelly Clarkson. She kept getting better and better and even continues to be tremendous eight years later. Carrie Underwood is another fabulous AI winner. She keeps getting better and better.
And now Kris Allen! Every time that young man stepped on the stage he improved. And tonight when he was up there with Keith Urban -- whoohoo. He held his own and really was awesome singing with Keith. An artist should grow, change, adapt to the times and still make us feel like we are getting something fresh, but at the same time, knowing it is a solid delivery, consistent. I are saying that sounds like Adam. Sure, but are we ever surprised? No! We know he's going to always deliver.
We also know Carrie Underwood will deliver, but she keeps doing things that still make many of us go, wow, that was incredible!
Adam is definitely fantastic and I will be buying his music.
As to Ms. Carbone....Adam's going to be just fine. Quit knocking Kris. That's just poor sportsmanship on your part as a writer.
Oh and one other issue directed at Ms. Carbone, you pretty much gave it away at the end of your article when you inquired as to the instrument played by Cyndi Lauper, adding that you are musically challenged. And you think that you have the right to take America to task for their votes on AI?
And if you ever happen to read this and wonder who I am and what right I might have to call you out on this. Normally I don't go on about such things, but here's a quick run down: My mother? A classical violinist. Eventually she owned her music studio (San Francisco area), instrumental in teaching many people music, on nearly every instrument available - piano, violin, organ, guitar, mandolin, accordian...need I go on? So you can imagine what it was like growing up.
She was a music teacher for a private school and even continued teaching after her retirement. I could go on and on, but won't because then that would just be egotistical.
Oh: and I forgot to mention that Lauper's instrument of choice ... a dulcimer. If you want to be more specific, it's an Appalachian dulcimer....Ms. Carbone, don't script shows and don't write music reviews if you don't have a clue what you are talking about. It's one thing if you are writing for your own personal blog, but for a publication? Take some time to research so you don't look silly.

Monday, May 18, 2009

MM goes to the carnival

This child is fearless when it comes to amusement rides I guess! She had so much fun and of course, I didn't take near enough pictures (ummm 200 in an hour's time..) Here's a few of my favorites. Course I will probably most more than just a few.

I wanted to say, a lot of people sharpen for web with their images and I rarely do that. It's just another step to mess with for me that I don't care much for. These were quickly processed and then I make duplicate copies and resize them and add whatever I feel like adding at the time, either my full name, or t-photos (something I've gone by for years and years...I started out as Photography by Toni but when I got around to web presence and domains, that was already taken, otherwise I'd probably use it. That's why I use it for my blog. More on this subject another time. And tomorrow I'll add more fun photos from this weekend, without the kids in them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I buy photography, do you?

If you come here often enough, you probably have figured out that I have a little etsy shop where I sell photography, enlargements, etc...adding notecards back in very soon. I also have a Web site where you can find some of my fine art and western work, of course, also for sale.
And I also like to buy photography and do quite a few trades. It's not often that I buy other photos online, but can claim a few the most recent being Tea & Brie Photography on etsy, (I'll post links on the side in a bit). I found a beautiful set of notecards through flickr and then hopped over to her shop and quickly grabbed them up. They arrived Friday in the mail and are ever so lovely! Thanks Meg!
She's always adding new items and you won't be disappointed with what you find in her shop.
I've also bought from Friendly Made, again, found in both quirky 5x5 TTV images of lost America, you know, road signs, old Tastee Freeze signs fast fading, that kind of stuff.
Bueller is another one of my very favorite photographers, again 5x5 TTVs, California, the beaches, lovely. If you really want an art piece, she offers them in huge sizes a 20x20 framed gallery print for just $150 is quite a steal! Gorgeous!
Capture Cape May has great beach photos and little ACEOs!
There's others, but those are my favorites. Be sure to check them out and if you bought from them, then thank you for supporting photographers!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

evening roses


These are at a local B&B, the rains had beat them up pretty good, but they are pretty and romantic with the glow of the light.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage spools in a treasury!

I think it's been awhile since one of my images made it into a treasury, so this made my day!

A new toy!

The Shelfari widget...I posted one below. Had so much fun adding books to it that I'm reading or plan to read very soon. Scroll your mouse over it and a pop up displays a synopsis and you can click on the book and go places. I put mine at the bottom so the entire shelf I created would show, otherwise a row gets lost on the side of my blog.

I also plan to start a new blog this summer. I plan to keep this one as I've been using it, but the new one will feature a lot of my western work, award images and any seniors or weddings that I might do. It will have a very clean, sparse look to it with only the images and a sentence or two about the image posted.

I'd love to know what keeps bringing many of you back to this blog?! I'm really trying to get back in a creative zone that has been lost for sometime it seems. Well I'm not much into writing tonight, so I'm ending this post here. I'll add a cupcake for a treat!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol's Final 3 show

Oh wow! Just how do you vote!?!!! Adam's awesome, but Kris and Danny got my votes. When Kris walked out on the stage to do KW's Heartless, I was tickled, but saw the guitar and thought, hummm....but he just blew me away. Fabulous! Danny, well, always a fan from the very first day. My husband has always been a Kris fan and I really wondered if he'd hang on this long. So glad he did! My husband and I talked about why we went with these two as our final choice this year. It boils down to this. Adam has always been great. But we haven't seen a lot of growth. I mean, he's already at his peak for the moment. He's just superb and a fantastic performer. Ranks right up there with many. His vocals are dynamic. No matter what happens, he's a star. I wasn't overjoyed with his performance of U2's song. It was good. I've also decided that the music almost overwhelms his vocals and I just don't care for his backup singers. It's like they are trying to over sing him.
As for Kris, wow, he just amazed me tonight. And Randy Jackson giving him such high praise on the second performance was right on.
At one point, we were talking of Kara. She always seems so negative and her face indicated that, but then she praised Kris and surprised both me and my husband. I loved the fact that Simon took her to task for her comments on Kris' first performance.
Of course, I'm saving my very favorite to talk about last. Danny just showed that he is definitely an American Idol with his performance of "You Are So Beautiful"..nothing over the top, just pure at the top, in the stars, whatever.
I am so glad that AI returned this year. Hope it keeps coming back. Can't wait to see tomorrow's show. Oh and have you noticed that Paula seems to be more in tune with what is going on, compared to last year?!!
And being an Oklahoma resident, I of course, must mention Carrie Underwood. That was a nice bit on her trip to Africa. It's nice to see that these stars do give back, even if it appears to be publicity related. It is inspiring all the same. I believe she was genuine in her visit there.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A rose for your desktop!

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends, and all the moms who stop by!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Iris trio

Mom would have liked this

I've always found Bethsbagz items in her etsy shop to be adorable. you may have to copy/paste into your browser, having trouble adding it this morning.
I looked at it this morning and saw this little pincushion and thought of my mom. She loved to sew and was extremely good at it. When my sister was a teenager and I was just a toddler, she made identical dresses for us and I had over 400 in my closet. I don't have my scanner hooked up or I would add one of those photos of my sister and I. My mom also had a Boxer dog named Cindy at that time too. So seeing this pincushion was fun and brought back memories. If she was still alive, that's what I would get her for Mother's Day.
On another thought, not related to that, but to Mother's Day. I was sitting at work yesterday when our publisher rounded the corner with a bunch of long stemmed red roses in his hand and one pulled out and a coworker sang out my name. Now how bad is this? Instead of thinking oh how sweet, because he really is a nice guy, I think, ok, it's not my birthday, where's the pink slip?! Hah! He actually gave all the mom's roses at work. That was a first for me -- the big boss giving out flowers. Now the last publisher was also thoughtful. At Christmas, he'd give us gift cards to the local video/bookstore.
Well, that's it for the moment. It's rainy here in southern Oklahoma and I'm trying to decide to go to Lawton for the day or just stay home and play on the computer. If I go, I know I'll end up spending money..ummmmm hahah
Meanwhile go visit Bethsbagz ... oh wait, I can stay home and shop online....ha!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Buying my prints!

I have been working extremely hard the last few days on my shopping cart site. I've had it for a few years, but it was sorely neglected the last two. I have been deleting many old images and adding lots of new galleries and setting prices to make it easier for those who want to purchase a print in a custom size. I have my etsy shop still, but that limits me to listing one photo at a time.
With my 'new and improved' shopping gallery, you can browse and find prints of all sizes and prices. There's even merchandise, from photo mousepads to mugs, luggage tags and refrigerator magnets. Eventually I will make downloadable files available.
It is all a work in progress so bear with me in the redesign phase.
I had originally planned to let it expire last month, but after some long discussions with my husband and requests from people for different images and sizes, I decided to keep it.
Right now I have added a few new galleries - Cars, Dogs and Nature fine art images. And if you see an image here or on my regular Web site that isn't posted in my shopping gallery and would like to purchase it, just let me know and I will add it in quickly. Click on the title of this blog post and you will be whisked away to the gallery site.

'Smooth' and 'Soloist'

I'm adding these to my etsy shop. They are part of my After Spring Rains collection. I never hardly do this, but these are printed in glossy with a small white border. Some of the borders are straight line and some are artistic. My choosing as you see in the shop or here. This first one is my favorite. The silky smooth bokeh is enhanced by the glossy printing. Oh, the computer monitor does not do these justice. They are really pretty.

"Soloist" I do not know this flower, but it is beautiful.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guess what I got!

OK, lame...but yes, I have glasses. I am going to post a small photo of me wearing them, somewhere..maybe on the side in about me section...ha!

I have always been a reader, so a few months ago, when I realized I just wasn't reading much and then the back of vitamin bottles were hard to read, I knew something was inevitable. So just over a month ago I went to the eye guy. My vision is still 'eagle eye' he said, but I do need the glasses to read up close. It sure makes a big difference and he was right. I don't feel so tired when I wear them. They are bifocals, but my vertigo kicks in if I try to walk with them on.
You know, I had got to where I was reading only hardback novels so I could see and read more than a page or two at a time. Now I'm reading paperbacks again. Yay!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In your face! 2 in 1 post

OK, there's a problem. I wrote all this and can't get the photo tool to work. Maybe later with the images. Like tomorrow night! ack! If you just can't wait, go visit my flickr (look to the right and down a bit for the flickr stream images)...the one post I got here was half cut off.

in this case, food on her nose! This child loves "cheese" and I mean that in every sense of the word. She likes cheese and mac, there's a little bit left on her nose. But she also loves to say "cheese" and those of you who are pro photogs know how much we love that word, ha! Anyway, this was one of those moments back in March. Now, Julie commented how great my photos are - especially children. Julie, I bet you are laughing right now. There was nothing planned or professional on this one.
Food on my nose! (cheese)
The other part of this post is I am just now getting around to blogging about my glasses. It's taken me a bit of time to adjust to them. I don't wear them all the time, just for reading. Wow, it has made a difference. I actually read more than a couple pages in a paperback I'm reading "The Judas Strain." Great book! And I've got to get around to reading the fourth "Twilight" book.
My husband has helped me a great deal in coping with "glasses" -- telling me I look sexy and my kids think they are stylish. It helps!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

This spells trouble!

She opened one of those plastic eggs Easter morning on her hunt in our front yard. This was her instant reaction, no prompting necessary! She isn't even 2 yet! what are we going to do! Well what will her parents do? I know my husband and I will just sit back and laugh. This child loves money!
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