Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Owl T

Today we created a special seasonal T, with a unique owl on it. This is the first "girlie" T I've ever designed. I did the Sandra Lee way of simplifying it. Though it isn't food, it's the same principle. Being Mya's Meme, I look for shortcuts whenever possible. So I bought the T, then grabbed a couple 97cent pieces of precut fabric, then decided to think out of the box for embellishments. I couldn't find the right buttons for eyes and wanted to really make this more than just some fabric and felt. The little ribbon flowers were perfect. Mya loved the colors, "Yes, zebra wings!" Out came the iron and scissors and soon we had our Owl.
Then of course, we had to go do a quick fashion photo shoot to show off the finished top.
When you're a grandma "meme" and you work, even if it's vacation, you make the most of the time with your little one! Best part of all this, she helped!

Friday, November 25, 2011

What's a Thanksgiving without drama, right?

We decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner the day after, today...Friday. Yes. But of course, it couldn't go off without a bit of drama. Well, make that a LOT OF DRAMA...fire, flames, smoke, 911, firefighters, police...But as you can see, the bird survived.

Before you start reading, just know this small important thing-- if you call the fire department to your house and the fire is out, you better be outside to tell them so, otherwise they will be coming in with extinguishers, axes and water hoses.

I chose a new way to cook the bird. I was reading the Norman Magazine online and there was an article about the 'fat and sassy mama' a popular foodie blogger. In it she talked about just using foil and never taking it off while cooking. I've always used the way my mom did, a homemade thick pie crust cover, lots of basting. Never a problem, always moist and perfect.

Well only one problem with fat and sassy's method, I had a 25 pound bird in my standard oven and when we took the foil off finally so it could brown, there was so much of its own juice it was literally overflowing. As my husband went to put the bird back into the oven oh so carefully, some of the juice poured out onto the foil on the oven. We watched it and it seemed fine. Remember now, that juice is bird grease.

Meanwhile, I went about getting the last few things ready for the table, and about 15 minutes later the kitchen got VERY smoky...and I turned around and FREAKED out.
No other way to describe it, my oven was flaming!

I started screaming Fire, fire...as I was running out of my kitchen, Rex comes running in and we collide and I'm not sure how we switched places, but all I could think of was call 911...my son goes hauling into the kitchen and I'm screaming at my d-i-l to get Mya (our 4 year old granddaughter) out of the house.

By this time I get this dread feeling the whole kitchen is in flames as I looked back and saw lots of orange going on. I go running outside trying to tell the dispatcher our address when my husband yells it's out and cancel the call. No, sorry, I want those firefighters here NOW!

I tell her though the fire is out, no need to send the army (I did use those words, haha). Just one truck though please. I'm standing outside barefoot and shaking mostly from adrenaline rush and finally the trucks come rolling, and the first one kept going???? Right past our house.

Second truck rolls up, meanwhile I'm like "you idiots, right here!" Then I look over and see the neighbors looking at me like what in the world?!
Then my husband comes walking outside and of course, up rolls a DPD cruiser..meanwhile they all have sirens ablazing.

Lo and behold, this is where it gets really fun. Of course, one of the first firefighters I see is friend Jeff Bruehl, wife of good friend Pam Bruehl, owner of Prairie Rose Boutique on Main Street Duncan .....now mind you, for those who don't know Duncan, yes, we have a large enough population base that you don't necessarily know your neighbors.
On the other hand, if you are a celebrity like myself, then you know most of those that you NEED to know!
And of course, the first firefighter off the truck was grabbing an axe or hose or something. I was like NO, I could just see my bird being completely destroyed at that point.

In we all head, what, five or six firefighters? My husband knew the Officer on duty and so they stood outside and laughed and chatted a few.

Now, if you are wondering why I would make the fire department come out, here's why. First, it's a gas stove and I guess I just read too many crazy things being a journalist and all, but I was worried the fire could have done something to my gas lines. Second, there was a HOUSE filled with smoke. I knew these guys could blow this house out in seconds! That's very important when you are choking and don't want the house to smell like smoke. (It worked).

Meanwhile, Jeff kept saying, 'hey, you done good, you done good!' Not sure what he was meaning, but I think it was because the bird look BEAUTIFUL! They all walked around, did their thing, Jeff checked under the stove just to ease my mind..(that's when I noticed I needed to clean under it). He insists it was good compared to most they see.
I asked Jeff if yesterday was eventful, he said no. See, I told him, you needed this! They were all hoping to really have a fire! Hahhaha!
Jeff said they had just sat down to eat at the Quality Inn when the call came in (oops, sorry guys!) I offered them dinner, there was plenty, but I think they thought I was joking.

That's Jeff on the left.
Then it's time for one of the guys to write my name and phone number down for their report. That's when Jeff said, "what, you don't know who this is?!" And told the one guy, she's the one always snapping your photo at all the scenes. My husband thought that was extremely funny.
The firefighter's reply? "Oh, you owe me a lot of ice cream!" And of course, everyone was laughing and talking about how this should be page 1 news.
And somehow I got blamed for starting the fire. My husband finds that very funny!
Yes, the bird was moist.
Right before we sat down to eat, I made a comment like, now all we need is a good earthquake.
And the poor firefighters? For the next 20 minutes or so I kept hearing plenty of sirens. I may have to cook them a meal one of these days.