Monday, May 26, 2008

Lucis/comic fun

Through the creative efforts of other photographers on the net, I've found a few cool tools to play with and ran some Lucis Art type and comics effects on these images! Totally fun! Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but fun all the same! Getting these printed in metallic! My husband thinks A looks like Eddy Munster in the hallway shot where he's very serious! hah!

Favorite wedding revisited!

I had a lot of fun shooting weddings last year, but I'd have to say this pair wins hands down for my favorite couple, wedding and photos! Christian and Laurie made my trip to Florida so enjoyable last November. Though it was a 'working' trip so to speak, they are family and I know many photographers would run screaming the other way than shoot a family member's wedding. Not me! In fact, I would probably still be doing weddings this year IF, and a big IF here, all the couples and brides were as wonderful as my nephew and his wife. Nothing bridezilla about this, not even afterwards. Not demanding. Not criticizing. Nothing negative. That's what I love! They were just so happy to have someone (me!) shoot their wedding that they are still oohing and ahhing. I called Laurie today to tell her I am testing a new program processing photos and am going back using theirs as the sample and so here's a few of those. Her reaction was so sweet! She got so tickled! Laurie, you are the best!
Now, I may one day go back to doing weddings, but be forewarned all of you couples seeking a photographer. My rates won't be what they once were. No, of course they won't be comparable to David Jay or becker either as they are such rock stars when it comes to wedding photography. I'd have to say my most favorite photographers to watch is the TriCoast team from Texas! Mike Fulton rocks!! And he's nice! Course, I haven't had a chance to meet him yet, but via email and forums, always generously helpful!
OK, so here's some shots for Christian and Laurie!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boohoo, my blu's down...

Just came back to say that Blu rocks! I got an answer before I could finish this blog and my site really is working! It's a holiday weekend, 2 a.m. and they are working! How crazy is that! So let me tell you, if you are looking for a really cool web site, go to
Glass Petals

Just discovered tonight that my bludomain site is down. It may be next week before I know anything, so meanwhile, just hang out here! My site: is the one I'm referring to. I apologize for any inconvenience. But I am really STILL here!
meanwhile, here is a really cool Kaleidoscope photo. It will be for sale soon in my etsy shop!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yay David Cook!

Yes, quite happy with the new AI! It was a great finale, lots of fun to watch. You can youtube it and catch segments. Worth it! Loved seeing George Michael, Donna Summer and of course, the Pips! LOL Chikizie ?sp? though he didn't get to sing much, did a great job. Just tons of fun.
Now, for a fantastic Shirley Bassey video! Love this song of Pinks, even more so with this video and SB's version.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Etsy Treasury! whoops!

For this post to make sense, read from the bottom portion and then this top!

So, I'm back, because I found yet another image in a beautiful treasury again... Royal Saturation...all BLUE and the very cool thing is this image just sold yesterday! Thank you Canada buyer! Again the top middle image!
here's the link

Ah-ha, I sort of figured it out. Not great, but mine is middle top row.
Today, I found one of my photos featured on an etsy treasury! The treasury collection was titled "Knock Knock" and my photo of a glass doorknob was chosen. If I could figure out how to screen shot that page, it'd be here!

Smashed the donut

Entered this in the BetterPhoto contest today. It's one of my favorite places online but I haven't been 'hanging out over there' much, so I'm renewing my interest. I've got some editor's pick choices on some of my entries and even a couple placings. So we will see what happens with this one. Wish me luck!
There's the LONG link for it. And if you have not been to BP, go check it out. Some fabulous stuff over there.

Mya and the donut

First, let me say, the donut addition was so not my idea! It was her mom's. My poor grandchild will have a complex. Wearing a onesie that has F.B.I. and an impromptu photo shoot holding a donut. Ack! The F.B.I. is fat, bald and innocent. She's not bald! So add that to the complex that I hope we can avoid in later years.
All in all, it was fun. Just seeing the look on her face when the donut made her hand sticky was worth it. Yesterday it was the cheese puff I gave her. I don't think she likes 'stuff' on her hands at first until she figures out it's washable.
I can't figure out if I like the color or the black and white version better. I shot in two formats (RAW and Jpg) for those who understand, and so the tone is off on color on some. I love shooting RAW, don't know what possessed me to play stupid with the auto mode.

On the bw, the background is Bohemian Retrodiva paper from digital scrapbooking. I'm a fiend when it comes to that stuff and need to use it more. So this was an attempt.
Which one do you like? Color or B/W?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Saturday food shot is a drink

This was the photo unplanned and in the process I deleted the flash card images prior to this shot, making me very ill -- as they were shots of me and my granddaughter. Ugg...At least I had some quick prints of some of them, but not all.
Anyway, doesn't this make you thirsty?
The Pom drink is actually expensive, but I love the glasses. Then Arizona came out with a Pom Green Tea drink that is awesome. That's what is in the glass.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturday mornings

I enjoy fresh made coffee, toast and preserves or jam..various flavors. Yes today is Friday, but this is to spur you into action for tomorrow morning! Most every other day of the week I grab a fast Starbucks Frapp in the bottle, coffee flavor, and just go.
Oh and I have such an obsession with coffee cups and glassware. I have way too many. I think when we moved I can remember packing a couple boxes worth of just cups! Yes, seriously. I mean, there's the cup my husband and I got with my name on it in Reno when we were young. A few saved ones from my mom's (white Fire King) collection that she used when I was a kid, the cup my youngest son gave me for Mother's Day one year, oh, my Creative Memories mug when I was a CM consultant ... then there's the ones I keep finding now to do fun food and beverage photos with. Oh yes, there's also the San Francisco vintage mug that I use as a pencil holder. I was born there. So, you see, I've only hit on a few. So yes, an obsession.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol thoughts

I decided it was time for another AI post. Somewhere along the way, I decided I like Syesha. Actually, I was reminded tonight that she was one of my audition favorites, but then, with, first and foremost - David Cook, Carly, Michael Johns and Kristy and Brooke, Syesha ended up taking a back seat on my AI page. Tonight I was reminded of why I liked her. And she definitely went out the right way tonight - with lots of class. Watching the top 3 return to their hometowns is always fun and tonight was no exception. It was especially heartwarming to see David Cook and his brother in the parade. And why did I like Syesha to begin and end with? That interview clip of her father with her in the very beginning. Just real people. But still, I never would have picked her for the top 3. And sorry, I'm still not a big DA fan. He's OK, but David Cook gets my vote ... yes, I lost count of how many times I called to cast a vote.
Oh, and did you catch the look on Simon Cowell's face when Fantasia was performing! Priceless! So, just one more week!
OH and I also got to catch the last episode of ANTM tonight. Didn't get to watch but it and one show all year. I think they made a good choice. I always enjoy watching the photo shoots.
Now I'm off to surf some of my favorite blogs before storms roll in. The rain has already begun.


I tried earlier today to post this and other photos and some comments. Had to come back to add comments. Isn't this the nicest little home? No, not mine, but I am so glad to do some drive-by shooting and catch the sprinklers going. I love the colors of this place. It's nice to live in a neighborhood where people really care about their homes.

Neighborhood beauty

Love the color!

Roses are always a favorite!


It's so nice to live in a neighborhood where people really care about the appearance of their yards and homes! I did some drive-by shooting yesterday evening and got two photos that I really think are wonderful. I love the blue house only around the block and the sprinklers just happened to be going. Can you see it? The colors of this place are awesome and the flowers are just enough appeal without being overdone.

The roses blooming on the weathered porch posts are only two doors away from the blue home. I wonder how long those roses have been there. Just beautiful.

And the little garden cherub is in my front yard. The flower we just planted this weekend but my cats knocked the bloom off so I stuck it there for the photo.

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miriam's quinceanera portrait session

At the Lindley Bed & Breakfast Inn, in the gardens

Saturday, May 10, 2008

fun with senior photos

Seniors are so much fun to have sessions with! When I had my studio, I spent most of the time photographing newborns and little ones. And I love kids, but seniors just make it so easy. I think what I really love about senior sessions is the ability to play with the images using textures and blends to come up with something that is truly unique for their portfolio and wallets. Sure, not many moms would want the X-treme for a wall portrait, but if you have an artistic edge, then one of my creations might be just the thing. I never know what I'll end up when working on the images. Like Morgan's session. I'm finishing up her images and having a blast! You'll see here that I have one session that I took a more toned down approach in the final step. Of course, I didn't do this to all her photos, just a few that screamed for attention, the ones that really just say "I'm Morgan. I'm having fun. And I'm graduating!"

Oh and the toni-photos. the blog. == just something I'm playing with. I'm thinking about making my blog browser address to read toniphotos. It's quicker to type in, but so many have photographybytoni bookmarked, so I don't know. Meanwhile, I'll probably just have it on a few photos while I ponder this.
Enjoy the photos, post a comment, tell me if you like them or not! That way I can come visit your blog!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Giving Back .. a little Mom's Day gift!

What do you call your mom? Growing up, it was always 'mama' for me. Then somewhere it became Mom. I could always tell when my sister was displeased with mama when she would refer to her as .... mother. I lost my mama/mom on New Year's Day 2005 when she was 92 and my mother-in-law died NY Day 1991. My mother-in-law died from cancer at age 61.
But, I'm sitting here thinking about something my mom said. It was along the lines of always make everything you do count for something. Have something to show for. Whether it was volunteer work, crocheting afghans for nursing home residents or making quilts for expectant moms who didn't have much or teaching music, I can honestly say, my mom was one of those generous souls who gave more than she ever got.
She was extremely smart and talented, yet I don't think many people knew exactly how smart she was and very few in her later years had any idea of her musical talents.

My mom's death was not easy. She had broke her hip right before Christmas the night we had made the decision to bring her to Oklahoma to live with us. She spent her last three weeks in a hospital with less than friendly people. I hate to say this, but the nurses were some of the rudest I've ever encountered. A total waste, considering my mom had been a nurse for several years in her younger days, when she was a single mom trying to raise myself and three triplet boys she adopted. And sometimes my sister and her son were included in those efforts. I still have a difficult time accepting that my mom wasn't able to go home as a final request.

But, she wouldn't want me to linger on that. When I'm having one of those days where I always wonder if I'm on the right path in my life, I think about her words to me. While photography is my passion, like music was hers, it was my writing that my mom really loved. I am lucky I suppose that I can make a living at it. I get many compliments from co-workers, friends and acquaintances who read my news efforts and feature stories and I probably come off as disinterested or, oh I don't know what, but it's more because sometimes I think, "I don't deserve such kudos." Sometimes I take it for granted and I have to ego-check myself even.

Today was one of those days that make me realize that whether it's photography or writing that I am doing, I'm on the right path. And I am extremely fortunate to have the two paths intertwine. Today was one of those times.

There's a wonderful establishment in town that I've been lucky enough to photograph at free will. I'll share that story later, but today, I had to go out there for the sole purpose of shooting photos for the owners for their Web site. Today was also the day the local art guild was having a workshop there. I wished I could have gotten out there sooner for they were finishing up and I only managed to get a few photos which I'll post in the next entry. There were many artists there from throughout the state and a few familiar faces. One of those faces was Janet Loveless of Marlow, Oklahoma. She is so talented and I've long admired her work. While I was there, she came up and gave me a pat on the arm and told me thank you. I stopped for half a second, then she went on. Years ago, I wrote an article on her about her, as an artist and a survivor. Not only is she an artist, she's a cancer survivor. But, today was one of those moments that made me feel very humble. I mean really, to be able to write about someone and have that person tell you years later that they still are touched by it, well, that's why I do what I do. I guess that's my ego-check.
It's hard for me to describe it. I can sit and listen and write about others all day long, but to try and convey my own personal thoughts, not always so easy. In fact, I just stopped to share with my husband what I am writing about and I get all choked up trying to share the quick version about Janet's gesture today. And while I may be a reporter, my mom, I'm sure, hoped I would pursue my writing in a different fashion. I know she always wanted me to write a book or for magazines, and who knows, one day I may. I can say this, I do have the magazine part accomplished! That was before she died and she loved the piece.

Funny how things all fall into place. Mother's Day is this weekend. And in my small way, I want to give back. So, here's a little contest. If you live in Stephens County and it's been a long time since you had photos of you and your mom done and you are reading this, I want you to post a comment here why you should get a free mom and me photo session. Leave an e-mail address so that I can contact you or visit my web site and use the Contact page to send an email with your personal information and a paragraph or two if you aren't comfortable posting here.
I don't need anything lengthy, just something from the heart telling me why I should photograph you and your mom. I'll read them and will make the announcement on Sunday. I'll also post photos from the session on my blog. The session will be scheduled for sometime later in the month or early June.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My walls and M's paparrazi moment

Months and I do mean, MONTHS ago, as in last year months, I bought some notecards from Bueller Designs. Fell in love with her work, her blog, just awesome. But then I moved, packed away everything and could not find my cards. Finally I discovered them and thought about how I wanted to display them. Originally I was going to put them in 8x8 frames with 5x5 mats. But no sooner did I get that idea in my head, Wal-mart discontinues the frames (they tend to do that with all the frames I really like - I have some platinum type frames that I started buying for a huge wall display I was going to create. Course, I couldn't just go out and buy them all at once, but the second time around I went to buy a few, yes, gone!)
Well, so here are these three little images and I want them to make a dramatic statement. So, what better way then to repurpose a frame I had hanging in my studio with a huge photo then to put a piece of red poster board in the background and then add the images. It's a 16x20 frame and don't these images just POP! It's hanging in my hallway. Everyone who has seen it has really liked it.

And being in the Polaroid mood, I have two of my favorite shots of recent of little MM displayed over my desk. Again, just because the image and mat may not work with the intended image, you can be creative and try something new.

Oh and I played Paparrazi Grandma yesterday at the popular hip boutique Ooh La La and here's a couple shots from there. Grainy, some slightly out of focus, but still precious!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Beautiful day!

OK, you probably are wondering where everything went? Me too! Actually, I wanted a new background and thanks to Daphne Jerkins, I was able to get a cool new template for my blogger. But then it deleted everything except for posts and archives. So, I'm slowly adding the goodies back on the sides. But don't you just love it! I do! There was a really cool brown one, but then that meant more work as my header would not have looked right on it. So, this is it for now.
And here's a flower art piece I've created this morning. This photo I originally shot in 2005 when I first started doing digital work. I then used layers of textures and painting on it for this final colorful version! I also created a soft version that I've added here with it. Which is your favorite?

Oh and if you haven't watched Morgan's senior slideshow, do, it's fun! I had a blast doing your session Morgan! Thanks! There's two versions below.