Monday, March 29, 2010

Modern Senior | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Jessica is my "Celebrity Senior"'s her second time in front of my camera (after a few years). She's all grown up now and ready to graduate next month, but first there's the fun of getting to that day - non-boring senior portraits aka FUN, prom, gotta love the pink tutu style dress! and finding only the best hidden locations in town to have unique portraits that please the 'parents' and the celebrity! Thanks to her dad for scoping out the locations ahead of time! Loved it! Jessica, you are stunning! Enjoy!

By the way, I consider all my seniors "Celebs!" So if you haven't had your photos made yet, don't wait! We've got evenings we can shoot.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

colorful characters

These were some images I shot last year around Easter of Mya's toys for a little book I planned on making her. Forgot about them and decided to play a little myself. Might get it printed for her room.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Western Baby | Oklahoma Photographer

Now the question is, are cowgirls really quiet?
This little doll was just a gem to photograph. If you live in the county, be sure to head down to Prairie Rose on Main Street and register your little bundle!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edna Mae (Mom's watching)

Gosh, this post will have a little of this and more of that. Kind of a departure from what I normally write. I'll start out with my short walk to the courthouse today. The Oklahoma wind blew and the smell was awful. My eyes had watered most of the day. As I neared the courthouse, the smell was horrendous. Then I looked up and discovered the reason for it. Bradford Pear trees in FULL BLOOM. They may look gorgeous but if you've never 'experienced' one, you are oh so lucky. In fact, this evening while blog surfing some favorites, there's a great post over at
Then my husband and I went to the local video/bookstore and while browsing books, I picked up Ree aka Pioneer Woman's book, reminding myself I need to buy it. As I flipped through it, the book just, I swear, on its own, opened to a certain page and I shouted (quietly) 'get out of town' my husband looked at me and laughed, went back to reading the jacket of Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter, then I showed him what had me in hysterics -- "Edna Mae's sour cream pancakes" recipe in Ree's book.

You see, I'm suppose to do a preview for the newspaper where I work on an upcoming event that the local hospital is hosting, a women's luncheon and Ree is the guest speaker. It should be a blast, but Ree hasn't responded to my numerous e-mails, tweets or facebook requests. I know she's busy, so I'm OK with that. I'll touch base with her soon, I'm sure.

But the reason I'm laughing is that my mom has a way of reaching out to me from beyond and reminding me she's watching or that things will be OK. It's always with her name. It's not like Edna Mae is a popular name, now back when she was born it probably was. When my husband saw that, he knew it was time we leave the store (and of course to get home and watch American Idol). I popped off with a parting remark - "I don't remember my mom adding sour cream to her pancakes!"

Pancakes were a main course meal in our home every Saturday. She made a HUGE batch of them since my triplet brothers could easily devour them. They were good, but Mom had to make do. They definitely weren't like the pancakes I've made recently. Just one or two does good, while I remember Mom's batter being a bit runny and it taking a ton of them to fill anyone up. And tons of Aunt Jemima or dark karo syrup.

I have to say, we may have not had a lot but we never lacked for anything that we needed. Mom was just clever that way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Print of the Month "Overcoming Obstacles" | Oklahoma Photographer

Starting something new this month and here is the first print.

It's a print of the month selection.
"Overcoming Obstacles"
NOTE: Update: I accidentally posted the wrong price on this. This image is $39 NOT $69 as I originally typed.
The story behind this image: I usually go out for an evening twilight drive on my birthday, but knowing a storm was coming today on my birthday, and the weather was just awesome Friday, the day before, I broke tradition and went Friday looking for spring. I let my husband drive so I can focus on looking for the shots and we saw an empty house for sale, so I felt comfortable about going up into the yard. I've never had a chance to photograph one of these "tulip trees" closely. Amazingly, this tree had taken a beating during the ice storm that walloped Oklahoma in January. It had limbs broken and hanging and just would look pathetic, had it not been for these blooms! They were even on the broken limbs barely hanging on. It reminds me that no matter what may be put in our life's path, we can overcome it and have a renewal.
It also makes me know that today's snow is just a passing thing and spring will be back in a few days, probably even better than it was yesterday.
To purchase Print of the Month for March, visit

It is $39 plus $7.95 s/h.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pink birds, being a bear and having fun | Oklahoma photographer

We took MM to the Oklahoma City Zoo Saturday for her first trip there. It was the second day of the new Children's Zoo which is awesome, but way too many people were there. Parking was insane and law enforcement was there to assist. Still though, it was worth an afternoon. The 'pink birds' and the bears were her favorites I think. She felt bad that the raccoons were caged and the Elk was all alone. I'm in the middle of editing photos but had to share a few. I believe I'll make a book of her first trip.

When my boys were little I dreamed of being a great landscape and wildlife photographer. I think these photos are the closest I've come, ahhah. I would love to go to Bryce Canyon and other destinations, Yellowstone and more, for now this will have to do. I'm not sharing my best ones, of a bear and an Eagle. Not yet anyway.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Vintage Cameras | Oklahoma Photographer

Black & White Monday
Here is another of my vintage camera series. I must say that winter photography really pushes me to work outside of my comfort zone. I about froze the day I did these, but what's funny is that I usually don't notice the cold until I am finished shooting. Then it takes me hours and hours to warm up. Today I went out in the rain and did some shooting. The shots are a new project that won't be revealed for a few weeks.
Please remember to respect copyrights, even of photographers who put their images out there for personal pride.
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hello Yellow Happy | Oklahoma Photographer

Sitting here listening to Jason Aldean (for all of you who knew me 'before country', don't fall off your seat!) I've listened to country for years and I could give my husband credit, but really it was when I met a young girl who was all of 12 years old, about the same age of my youngest son.

Now this girl is grown up, married and has quite a bit of pasture behind and ahead of her to tread. Katrina Elam gets most of the credit for converting me to credit. Her enthusiasm for music is fantastic.

Then again, I'd be a bad daughter/sister if I didn't mention my mother and sister. When I was little, country was big in our house, but I didn't listen to it much. It was my mom's thing and she knew many of the artists back then and I don't mean just on the radio. That's a story for another time. As for Katrina, last I heard she was working on a movie, Pure Country Gift....haven't heard anything about it since last November. I'm sure it will be wonderful. go Google it for the 411.

Back to my morning though. I'm checking my tweets, facebook and such and discover Reed Timmer's update on weather for southwest Oklahoma..severe for tomorrow..whoohoo, why though on a Monday when I'll be stuck at work?! I love to go photograph the landscape and skies --storm chaser...ha.

Of course, being that I'm barely caffeinated I'm just looking at flickr textures and decided to play with some of my old photos that were neglected. Figured 'Hello Yellow Happy' would be a good one to start this Sunday and since it's gray outside it should perk up the day.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Cuddled in Cowhide | Oklahoma Photographer

This darling baby was a week old but she already wanted to stay awake and has a personality all her own. She was not going to play "squishy baby" and wanted no part of laying on her tummy - darn!
The props were courtesy of Prairie Rose Gifts & Boutique, Main Street Duncan business. Pam and Hazel at Prairie Rose will help you with registering your little one. Pam started a newborn registry that is a hit! Lots of wonderful items there.