Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I think the photos speaks for itself!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Peppermint Wonderland - Oklahoma Children's Photographer

A couple weeks ago I did little MM's annual Christmas portraits. Being that we are on a strict budget this year, I couldn't get the set I wanted, so I had to be creative. A few pieces of white posterboard, a roll of red velvet ribbon, a couple of vintage bows bought from a booth at a local boutique/antique store with proceeds from sales in that booth benefitting the local pet shelter, and a bag of snow from the $store and we were all set. A few of these are edited, but most are just fast fixes to put up on the blog for relatives to see who live away from here.

And of course, after uploading I can see some are off wb. Oh well. Lots more to come in a slideshow. She had two dresses.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marshmallow Pops become Marshmallow Christmas Cupcakes guarded by the solider at the Wish Tree

What's easier and better than making sugar cookies with your 3 year old granddaughter at Christmas? Marshmallow Pops, or in this case, Marshmallow cupcakes!

There were no lollipop sticks to be found so instead we used mini cupcake papers found in the Christmas aisle and actually it was more fun probably and instead of spending extra money on the things that go with all that, we just bought more sprinkles!

And of course she's ever the photographer's assistant because she refused to eat any of them until "AFTER" the photo shoot. That was her remark, no prompting from me. Go figure. Gotta love moments like that. And now the Nutcracker soldier guards the treats next to the Wish Tree in our kitchen. He even got his own Christmas Marshmallow treat top because he does such a good job guarding the Christmas wishes until Santa collects them.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Empowering Women - Oklahoma Photographer

I am so behind on my blogging. I have many things to blog about lately, but haven't had time. I did want to share a session I did with someone I admire. Sheri is the first (that we know of, we being Dawn at Personal Best, Sheri and myself) from this area into female figure building. That takes some dedication and probably soul searching. I'm doing good if I work out more than a few times a month. I can't imagine this dedication to exercise. S. says she is addicted. She has to be. Dawn is a total slave driver. This was just a photo shoot and I felt like I worked out. (ouch.)

Here's a few of the images from the posing and practice session. Dawn wanted Sheri to have some images to review so she could see what she needs to work on and for pointers when they go to competition. Apparently judges are looking for something in their muscle definition and stances. Beyond me. I just like having a chance to play with my lighting and get to shoot something different once in awhile. While this was most definitely work, it also was much easier than newborns and chasing three-year-olds!

And a smile after she was done.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From where? - Oklahoma photographer, writer

Why is it that so many of us start a bio or something other mini blip, blurb or intro about ourselves by telling "where we are FROM" instead of where we are at the moment. I happened to be reading an etsy profile and the person started out with where she grew up, you know the usual, "I was raised in Philadelphia and did this and this..." and her spiel went on for about four paragraphs, long ones at that, before she actually told readers that she was living in another state and city, thousands of miles away. Go figure.
Really? already had that in your shop profile. And usually it's years ago when we were at the place we were born or raised and it really becomes a blip on the radar.

Unless you are like me and it really does figure into your essence of who you are now.

I was told that I was born in Oakland, but years later, found out that it was really San Francisco. Not sure what that was all about. Well I probably should check the b.c. to make sure what it says. Anyway, without providing the boring deets, I'll say that around 2000 when I went to work at the paper where I have sort of remained (I swear there's a chain around my ankle...ha!), someone asked me to share a little about my life, asked where I originally came from, so I said SF, and they prodded a bit more. Finally I relented and said, offhandedly, Pacifica, since that's where I lived for several childhood years. Mom had a music studio there and I remember moving day which transported us across the country to Oklahoma (which was a brief stay of about five or six years at that time.)

As soon as I said Pacifica, this person lets out a squeal. Tells me that someone in the front office is from there. Seriously?! You have to be joking!
So later on break I go up there to meet this person and she's been working at the paper for at least 20 years or so, but we begin talking about our hometown and of course, I mention my mother's music studio and her deep involvement in Pacifica, San Francisco's music and arts scene.
Here's the kicker, Linda, it turns out, was one of my mother's piano students.
Just crazy. Just goes to show where we're from could affect where we're going and where we are.

And by the way, I also claim Colorado as a homestate, and a few others! It's really a matter of where you want to be. Right?!
And right now I enjoy being in Oklahoma. I know I said above I was only here briefly. That's true. But I ended up back here. Will I ever say I'm 'from Oklahoma', maybe, maybe not, just depends on the conversation and my mood. And I'll say the colors of Oklahoma autumns are just gorgeous this year!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to the World - Cambria and Caden

Talk about beautiful babies! Caden and Cambria (actually, Cambria is on the left in the pair pic). I think they were tired of trying to be little models today. I'll have to return again soon though as they are getting past that posey stage that newborn photographers love. These are my grandbabies and are going to be loved just as much as my others, in fact they already are! This is probably the closest we will get for a Halloween type photo, though I do plan to try again soon. These babes arrived 10-10-10 and each weighed just over 4 pounds and were about 16 inches long. They are so precious!

It was funny, Cambria knew when she was not getting all the attention and then when I tried to put them together to put their arms around each other, she wanted only to sleep and not have her space invaded. So cute! Caden, well he was just a quiet little guy. "Peanut!" Funny, that's what I used to call his daddy when he was a baby.

And look at this smile! Heart melt for sure. Next one is mom Maurie giving a soothing touch to little mister!

2 of my favorite shots right here! I think Caden has figured out how to "heart" his love!
Thank you Maurie, I had a great time today! Cyndi, thanks for being a constant in their world. These babies have lots of love around them. Just doesn't get better than that!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

On "Mom-hood"

Every once in a while, I actually blog here. Tonight is one of those times.

1. I have to realize I am not to blame and not responsible for the actions of my grown children. I knew that, just needed a reminder/wake-up call.
2. Even so, they are my children and I love them, faults and all. I mean, I have plenty of my own, but also, they make mistakes. It doesn't make them a bad person. And just because they may not fit the whole 'norm of society' doesn't mean they can't be a good parent. (I even make mistakes.)
3. It also doesn't mean they don't love their own children and sometimes it takes longer for some people to "grow up" as opposed to others. It still doesn't make them a bad person.
4. If you come at me and say mean and hurtful things to me about my children, even if they are grown, just know the nice gloves come off. Now if you want to say those things directly to the adult child, well then fine, but if you are suppose to be a professional, then please be professional. Don't attack me, or whoever it is and don't make it personal.
-- Especially when you know VERY LITTLE of the entire story. There's always more to the story then you think you know.
5. Don't be so quick to judge. I'm guilty of this one even recently. And again, events sometimes serve as that wake-up call. Don't be so quick to believe the worst of someone and if a person admits they have issues, problems, something to help, not compound the problem.

6 is the best: Friends and prayer can work miracles.

7. Don't lie to me. There's no point in it. I'll probably find out soon enough that you did. You don't have to tell me everything, if you want, leave out the good stuff. Just don't lie to me! Or I won't trust you.
8. Don't threaten me. I'm not easily intimidated.

9. Back to the 2 and 3 posts. Look, I did the best I could raising my children. For the most part, I don't feel I did so bad, but weeks like this, when everyone (general loose used term there in the everyone bit) is attacking me, I wonder where I went wrong, then I realize, hey, stop that. I should tell these people that too, no matter who they think they are. But, I wasn't handed a parenting book when I gave birth.
Everyone has their own ideas of raising children. That's the great thing about being a parent. Gosh, it would be an awful boring world if all children were raised the same or by a "set of standards" that a few think are the way to go. I know that my mom raised me very much different from the way she raised her older children, or even my sister. My sister claims I was mom's favorite and she was always bragging on me. I never much heard that. I know my mom was proud of me, she told me a time or two. But many of those times, I don't think I really heard her. I think, years later, I sort of "get it."

And lastly, don't imply that creating children is a crime or a sin. Children truly are a blessing! And if this post bothers you, then maybe you need to get right with yourself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art of the horse

Spent the evening scanning artwork we've kept in a box for years. One of the things I found is a small oil painting that my late uncle painted probably in the mid-1960s for me. Up until we moved to Oklahoma I always had it hanging in my living room as a way to honor him. This wasn't one of his best but he sure could paint some gorgeous large ocean scapes! I have one of those still too. He was a WWII veteran, my mom's brother. I have good memories of him even though he died when I was still young.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kip - Oklahoma Dog Photographer

I love dog portraiture and I love it more when I have a great model like little Kip, a 13-week old Pom-Poo. He was so cute and wondered why I kept making odd noises...he gave me the cutest looks. If you've been a long-time reader here, you probably have noticed I have gone back to smaller photos. It's just quicker to get them on the blog. Before I was linking over from my smugmug, hoping that would help me with art sales over there, but it didn't.
If you like Kip, you can buy a copy of any of the prints, just comment and I'll arrange. He's going into my greeting card selection also at Fine Art America.

Blog mystery

I came here today only to discover all my sidebar stuff has vanished! My facebook fan page connection, my archives, my links, all of it just NOT THERE! Hoping to find it. Other than that today is a beautiful day. The weather is perfect, but I'm battling the spinning world moment. I think it was something I ate. Sitting straight up is well, a bit dizzying.
I've been searching the blog world for wonderful inspiration, for everything from photography to home decor and art.
Now back to it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stiletto heels and Coca-cola -Oklahoma art photographer

Make that BLACK stilettos. I was doing a senior session with a friend, and I saw this and thought, ART! Isn't it awesome! It would be great as a large wall canvas or print for a conversation piece. Or just as a greeting card. I'm going to be doing more of these types of images as they are so fun.

If you click on the image it will take you to the direct online gallery where you can buy a copy and see more of my work and that of many other fine artists.

Sell Art Online

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Western Spirit Celebration | Oklahoma photographer

Thanks to Rope the dog and Hannah's boots, I have a great new photo. I used it as my twitter background page. Rope's quite the character. My granddaughter saw the dog from across the grounds during Western Spirit Celebration and took off to play with the dog. I'm glad she did or I wouldn't have gotten these great shots. I'll post more later today. By the time we got to the festival in the late afternoon, the Heritage Herd longhorns were nowhere in sight. Not sure where they went and I didn't think to ask. Last year I rode with the cattle drive, in the back of Steve Tevebaugh's wagon and every year since Mya was a baby, I've shot her photo with them as the background. Missed this year, drats! But we still managed to get some wagon shots and they are hilarious. Mya wasn't in the mood for photos yesterday. Another great thing this year was I had my first solo exhibit, which is still on display at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. Four of my photographs sold yesterday. I'll post photos in another blog entry today. The show is up until the end of the month and hopefully more images sell! Go see it if you are in the area. Well, that's the extent of this post, I smell bacon and eggs. Have a great Sunday! I love photographing dogs and their kids or people.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beauty of Blogging - Oklahoma photographer

So there I am sitting looking at my summer copy of Artful Blogging. Love that magazine, but haven't had a chance to really read much of this particular issue. I stumbled onto the Simply Hue section and thought, hey, that really sounds familiar, saw Vicki D's name and knew I had a connection somehow. Terrible how we get caught up in life and little things get buried in the abyss of our over-creative minds.
I had already put my computer into sleep mode and was about to head there myself when I saw the article. So I came back to my desk.
Sure enough, went to Simply Hue, then went to my etsy to find the original post/reply that started it all. Mine is the one at the bottom and what I sent Vicki. Her reply is after, so it's on top.

Hi Toni,

Thanks for your message. :) Your photography is beautiful! Would you mind if I posted a few of your photos next Friday?

~ Vicki
12 June 2009 12:12am EDT

by photogypsy320 profile shop

I found you through your blog. I think it's yours. So far it looks quite lovely and interesting!
I hope to spend some time on it in the morning before I head off to work.

Now about that! Someone who took the time to promote ME, my photos a year ago, finally has been published. Congratulations! That's so wonderful and I've made a point to be more dedicated not only to my blog, but to the blog of Simply Hue, plus other blogs. I'm kind of hit and miss mostly and I feel a bit guilty.
Be sure to go visit Simply Hue, visit the link to see what Vicki chose to feature on her blog a year again. Do enjoy!
Oh, and come back here to post a comment to share which of my photos over there delighted you!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sunflowers and Exhibits, western style - Oklahoma photographer

I know, 'bad blogger'...but here's a bit of sunshine to brighten your day, or night, whatever the case might be from your desk. I promise to be back regularly but lately have been busy and also enjoying checking out lots of creative blogs and am inspired by it all.
Photography Prints
So, this print like all the others in my new gallery at FAA can be bought as a greeting card.
Soon I will post a blog entry about my first upcoming solo exhibit. I'm so excited and if you happen to be in Duncan after the week of Sept. 13, be sure to stop by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center to see it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking for Wall Art?

Whether you want bold, dramatic, impact screech to a stop large wall gallery art,
Sell Art Online

Or something with a more softer approach, maybe to just frame for your desk or send as a greeting card, you might find that perfect piece of fine art photography in my new online gallery. Art Prints

Now what I love about my new gallery is that it really puts the work I love right out there for collectors. You get to choose if you want a print, framed print, canvas gallery, one card or 10 card pack. It also gives you a small description including the dominant colors so you don't have to worry if it will fit in your decor. How lovely is that! If you ever buy a piece of my fine art photography, please come here and post. I'd love to know!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Heart Faces and Shutter Sisters love!

I'm so excited right now. I just discovered that one of my flickr photos submitted to the Shutter Sisters One Word Project/I Heart Faces made it onto Shutter Sister's blog! It's one of those "ahhh moments" for me. I've long been a follower of Shutter Sister's and have also been following I Heart Faces in the past few months. To find a photo of my nephew and his son that I recently shot on there made me smile - again. That photo is probably one of my very most favorite all time shots. I think it just got bumped up another notch!
Here's the link:

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Updating, Editing, Preparing for a Show

I've been busy updating my shopping cart site over at smugmug. I realized there were just too many old images lingering there so I closed those off to the public and just left a few from this past year. I didn't add anything new, but I did do some price changing and deleted a few sizes. Now it should be more customer friendly, in navigation and pricing.
If someone wants something in a particular size, just ask me and I'll reset that image to reflect the request. Remember, many links are available here on the blog if you look down and to the right.

I'm also going to soon be going back to a smaller blog photo and incorporate more writing. While I know so many online tend to gravitate toward the larger images on their blogs, I'm wanting to not look like everyone else online either. Plus it's just another three steps in adding those large images.
I figure if someone really enjoys my work, they will buy a print and won't need to see the large format online.
On a side note to this entry: The image is of a piano that is at the Sprague House B&B in Crescent City, Florida. My mother was a musician and had her own studio. We grew up with numerous instruments, her love was the piano and the violin. Sadly, I never photographed those items, but I do have her mandolin and an old guitar. I'd been longing to photograph a piano, and this was it.
As for SmugMug, I've been a member there for years, Pro member. I love having SmugMug as I do my Website, but I'm seriously considering letting both go when they come up for renewal again. That's a few months down the road, so no hurry on that decision.
I'm actually thinking of getting a new website, but again, no hurry on the decision. Meanwhile, I'm busy getting images ready for my first solo exhibit which will be at The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in September. So excited for that. It will be on display during the annual Western Spirit Celebration also and my prints and canvas work will be available for sale inside. You will also be able to just browse the show whenever the museum is open and I believe there isn't a charge unless you want to tour the entire place. They usually have free days during the annual celebration.
If you've been a long follower of my blog, you'll know about my book Riding The Chisholm Trail. This show will feature images from that book, which will be perfect as Christmas gifts for that special cowboy or cowgirl in your life.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

People of Florida | Oklahoma Photographer

I have a thousand photos ??? that I shot during vacation to Florida, mostly landscape of the Gulf County/Apalachicola region. Yet, it was on the journey of our trip to Crescent City when we spied this man Sunday morning setting his roadside stand up, somewhere along the Interlachen area. I would have to look at a map to remember exactly where. His name is Vincent Shand and he's 80 and shared his story with us. As my husband listened I shot photos. He talked of how he quit smoking and drinking and became a Seventh Day Adventist who shares the gospel. His church was just across the road.

We bought onions for $1.50. And an old Bible for $5.

The last two shots were of Mr. V.A. Shand and his fellow 'brother' Brother McKinney. This was the second to last shot and I loved the complete honesty of their joyfulness.
One of the reasons I chose to make this my first Florida post was the impact that Richard Bickel had on me. If you walk into his gallery in Apalachicola or know of his work, then you will understand why this post honors him. He is a fantastic photojournalist and someone who understands the people and that region. If you are an aspiring photojournalist, I encourage you to learn about Bickel and his works. I bought one of his books and he signed it for me. That's another post.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look how she's grown | Oklahoma Photographer

Almost 3! And I have to be one of the luckiest 'memes' ever to have such a beautiful granddaughter.

And here she was two years ago!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creamy Summer Tones | Oklahoma Photographer

Got a new lens and had to play. Thankfully MM was in the mood, slightly, to run around to a couple new 'locations' for photos. This first one is just perfect. She's at that stage where it's either she's refusing to cooperate for photos or she's hamming it up and this one makes me smile.

And look at this one! So cute.

I have a whole set of these in a fun bright color too. I'll post them later today plus some from a 'patriotic hay bale' moment!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Best Fireworks Show ever! | Oklahoma Photographer

I say this for a couple reasons. One, we thought the rain would spoil it. Two, we always argue about where we will park or sit when we go to Marlow for the fireworks show. Three, we usually have to listen to some creep make remarks, or smoke like crazy, then we have to fight traffic to get home.

But this year, Duncan Chamber of Commerce put on a spectacular fireworks show, and from where they set them off we never had to leave our home, sorta. My husband set his chair up in the alley and we could literally see the set off point and the only distraction were the power poles, but I looked at that from an artistic point of view. And the fireworks were awesome!

What was funny was that my husband said, I'll 'call you' when they start, and out the door he went. I was in the bedroom hanging photos and believe me, when they started, I knew!
Scared me too. The house shook from the booms and I thought for a moment that the neighbor's fireworks had got away from them and we had trouble. Nope. I had my cell phone in one hand and camera in the other as I flew out the door.
It was so much fun, just wished all the kids had been here to enjoy it.

So thank you to everyone who made this show possible! Keep doing shows like that and Marlow may have some competition!