Monday, March 31, 2008

Simplicity and Surround

Two of my TTv shots, using an old Duaflex and my Canon 30d. I added a texture overlay also on the first shot. Second shot is two of the TTv images composited. Quite different then the car shots, I know, but the simplicity of it all surrounds me in my new home and I love it. These will be available for purchase in my etsy shop, not sure yet as to size, either 5x5 or 8x8. I'll have the info with the images in the shop. These are wonderful pieces of art for those who collect the little TTv treasures. A simple mat or mat/frame and you can fill an empty niche on your wall.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cars! Is anyone out there ...

My favorite image of the day!

The second annual auto swap meet happened this weekend, so my husband and I went out there to see if there was anything worth seeing. I'm only posting a few photos, but I got a ton of great images for photo art for our walls. We've been trying to come up with some photos that say 'us' more than just 'Toni's photography!' My husband and I have always gone to car shows so this was perfect. Plus we bought a couple name pieces, an authentic vintage one Fairlane 500, for $5 and then a new reproduction that says "Muscle" though I wanted one that said "Ride"
My husband had a Fairlane when he was a teenager. So, we're going to make a bunch of images to go on our front room wall. Should be cool!
Oh and if you stop by here often or not, post a comment so I know I've got fans! hah! No, really, I'd love to read comments - good preferably!

Seashells on a Saturday

This just feels like a week for the beach .... too bad I can't go! Here's some photos from 2006. And while you're here, visit my archives, no telling what you might rediscover in there!
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

eyeglasses and vintage gumball machines

So, you're looking for the eyeglasses? None in this post. I don't even wear any, but I had these photos of vintage gumball machines and this one machine shows it use to be a fundraising machine for the Lions which brought to mind the organization efforts for eyeglasses.
All across the country and even on an international effort to provide eyeglasses for children and others who can't afford them. They do vision testing in elementary schools on an annual basis and the eyeglasses they collect are sent overseas to third world countries.
In America, they provide new glasses and scholarships. They also provide mobile health units for general screenings from vision to blood pressure in communities of all sizes.
If you are looking for a great civic group to join in your area, the Lions are a good choice. All they ask in return is minor volunteer work in their projects that help raise funds for many efforts. If you can't join, at least support their cause by attending one of their many functions (like a pancake supper!).
Thanks for reading and if you are a Lions member, post a comment and represent your group! While I was editor of the Waurika News-Democrat in southern Oklahoma, I participated in that Lions group. For it being such a small community, they sure were active! In fact, I think the smaller, rural communities have stronger support. Probably because they enjoy a much simpler life. Something we all need more of.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol and the Navy

So Carly ended up in the bottom three. I tell you why I think that happened! It was that horrible top she was wearing during her performance. The thing was ghastly and I've seen 'mumus' that looked better. Seriously. And I know she can sing, but I've not liked most of her song choices. Time will tell. Too bad Amanda went home. Really, Ramiele and JCastro should have been in that spot of the bottom two, with R. headed out first. That's only my opinion, but anyone who knows me, knows I'm right! hah!
Other than that, I enjoyed the show, but Kellie Pickler sounded a bit too twangy tonight. In getting past that, I use myspace a lot to listen to artists. So, I look for Michael Johns but didn't find anything. Well, I didn't think I did. Start listening to a band called Film, turns out it's his band from Atlanta. Totally awesome! He definitely needs to be in for awhile. My favorites are him, David Cook, Brooke and I'm hoping Carly gets to the top four. Every year I've gotten the top 3 right, and sometimes the top four. We'll see this year.
Oh did you catch the clip of Elliot (isn't he awesome! his music is so true) but he's so genuine, along with Fantasia. She still is one of the all time great AIs!

Oh and remember Phil Stacey? He's from Oklahoma and I just learned he's got a new album coming out. About time! He's got a great voice. Speaking of the Navy, congratulations? to Chad Davis on reenlisting! His wife, Christy, sent me an email with his photo of the reenlistment ceremony this morning. It was nice. I did their photos a few times when they were here, they transferred to one of my favorite places, Jacksonville, Florida! Chad was a recruiter here and even though my youngest son did not join up, Chad had a very positive effect on him. I hope all goes well for you Chad -- how many more years now?!!
So, I did not have a photo of the Davis family on my system, I substituted a photo I shot in 2006 of the flag that flew on the USS Missouri. The veterans who raised the flag for the ceremony (Marlow) shared that bit of history with me. I felt it is appropriate for this post.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Joy of spring - wallpaper!

I love the spring season. A lot. Maybe since my birthday falls on spring. Just the renewal of life seen in the outdoors is inspiring. Course, I love all the seasons. But it's spring right now, so, I love spring.
Here's a few from today. Oh, and if you click on your favorite, it will come up on a new page and you can right click and save as background for your computer. I have the very soft monochromatic pink one on mine and it's so refreshing to look at.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ho hum gets pizazz treatment

I had these two images that were just so-so. Oh, we all do. I liked them enough to shoot them but then was less than thrilled with either image when I went through the files. A few moments on flickr and I was inspired to dig into my textures and fake TTv blends. Now I feel they are worthy of printing. Getting them done in glossy.
Quick edit: And along the same lines, I love seeing new people click me as a favorite over in my etsy shop. Today made 160 people marked my shop/photos as a favorite. The newest person chose this image:
It's "Morning sunlight on mossy trees" shot it in Florida, November 2007 and it's one of my favorites, again after adding a finished look to it. I have it in metallic 5x5 hanging on my inspiration board next to my desk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol and mushrooms

OK, now if that doesn't get some attention, feedback, something, oh well ....
My favorites tonight were David Cook, always! Carly and Amanda and Brooke. But the person I really enjoyed watching was Chikezie. Wow, what a dynamite performance! I was a tad disappointed in Michael Johns performance and really disappointed in Kristy Cook's performance. And I really think she's good, same with David Hernandez. Now, the rest of them, they can all go home tonight. That's right, even little Mr. Archuleta. He blew it for sure. He missed the lyrics, not once, not even twice, but three times and you know how that goes, 3 strikes, you're out!
OH, I know, everyone thinks he is worthy of the top 3 spot. I am not so quick to agree.

Mushrooms ... I shot these photos the other night while cooking up a great dinner of chicken breasts with a Shiraz cream sauce, red onions and of course, the mushrooms. Yummy! I didn't do any post processing on these images and the only reason I wanted to post them is so I could point you in the direction of a new foodie/photographer blog I have discovered. It began with a night of enjoying the great photos of Jenifer Altman. From there, I ended up at Matt Armendariz' photography site. One of my high school friends had same last name, so I let him know I liked his photos and the nice memory jog. He wrote back and gave me a link to his food blog. Wow! You have to visit his blog! Not only are the photographs beautiful, his writing is so open, pure and fun to read. And, his archives will keep you from being bored.
So, if you visit him, be sure to post a comment over there and come back here and post letting me know if you liked it! I'm really trying to be a better blogger and get back into writing. I haven't been inspired to write since my mom's death now for three years. Oh, sure I've done some stories at work, and of course this blog, but kind of lacked any direction or inspiration.
But the past few weeks, I've been blog browsing and coming across some great writing, combined with photos, of course. is one of those fun places to visit online.
I'm adding the link to the permanent list here. Hope you enjoy! Oh and here's a link to an online magazine article featuring Matt, nice magazine!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I overexposed this image when I shot it of a red birdhouse hanging in a Christmas tree in a local antique mall. I did this on purpose after reading someone's blog about intentionally overexposing images for a dreamy feel. I also created one with a texture overlay. I have a thing for collecting heart items - rocks in the shape of hearts, little heart windchimes, photographs, notecards .. I believe there is a blog somewhere that called for heart photos and the blogger had plans to create a book. If I rediscover the link for it I will come back and repost it. So, do you have a favorite heart image? Share the link in your comment!

Friday, March 07, 2008


Sunlight paints the roses
Into rich shades of vibrancy
a reminder of life's bounty
and a whisper to joy of color

Here's my latest art image, available in my etsy shop for sale. I am ordering this one on canvas and the texture I've added to this image makes me think of a wonderful oil painting. Hope you enjoy this one!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I don't have photos, but congratulations are in order for some special people. First, my nephew and his wife are expecting a baby! They found out the other day and everyone is riding on cloud nine! I'm so excited. That may just mean another trip to Florida in a few months! I did their wedding last November and some of those photos can be found in my blog archives and my Web site.

And, another young couple that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing last summer just brought their new one into the world. Welcome E.! I shot a photo of them during their family reunion and it was so cute. You can see it on my main site:, it's on the portrait side under bellies and babies. It was their 'first maternity' shot! Great grandma (Dottie) sent me some wonderful photos of the event and she is definitely a little beauty. Good job mom and dad!

well that is all for right now. Maybe we will get snow today and I'll have some photos to share. And post a comment so I know I still have a fan or two! Hah!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Death of a lens and MOO cards!

My clumsiness reared its ugly head today. I was getting ready to do some TTV shots with a quirky little bunny wind up toy, you know, the cheap 99cent ones for easter, the little plastic ones that are about an inch I decided to go to my bedroom to take advantage of the wonderful light streaming in the window on the hardwood floor...yes, you know where this is I go to grab my cheap little 50mm lens, costs less than a hundred bucks, but was like slow motion watching it just tumble out of my hand and bounce, then roll across the floor.
So, my husband hinted that since my birthday is approaching maybe I'll get a new one. What I really WANT is the 85mm 1.8 (really the 1.4, but who can afford such these days with gas going for more than $3.09 a gallon!)
So, I'll hint very loudly for the 1.8 and see what happens. I'm sure he'll laugh! So, donations are being accepted! Hey, I'm not bashful! I want that lens!
Meanwhile, check out some photos of my MOO cards that I ordered! They are so fun to hand out.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

M again

which do you like best? the lighter color (her mom's pick) or the black and white... or ....

the more natural color version?

This is a 'finished' product of one of the photos below and will end up in her album.