Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My kids

Great to be 8 (months!)

Beautiful weather, perfect setting, great prop and of course, only the best baby model in the universe!
Shot these in the early evening. It sure was easy to eat up 4 gb of card! But little miss was more intent on watching her mom instead of hamming it up for the camera as she normally does.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking to the light

Bridget, here's another one for you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sneak Peek for Bridget!

Now, here's a young woman who just doesn't know how pretty she is! Bridget, these are dynamic! I know you, your mom, sister, bf and EVERYONE are waiting patiently, but here are some! I had a blast and Lynne, you make a great assistant, well of course, all of you do! Thanks bunches! And Lynne, thanks for the "you make her glow" comment, she really does in these images!

Duaflex is in

Who would think that an old vintage Duaflex camera would come in handy?! I set this photo up on my bedroom floor this morning, with light streaming in from my bathroom window. Used a paper umbrella as a background prop. Only shot three images of it, ran and made some quick 3x5s at the local lab and it's my new notecard. I was horrified to see the prices on mini notecards and thought well, I'll just make my own. An old duaflex is tons of fun when combined with today's digital cameras and it's always a surprise. Kind of like shooting seniors. Each one is unique.
I'll be out later today shooting another senior session. Now that is what is really fun! The weather today is super! 82 degrees actually. Have a good day all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wildfires in Colorado

I graduated from a small school in Ordway, Colorado in 1980. We were a close class and many stayed there while some of us left, returned and left again, many times. Others left and never returned. I did the whole gone, back, gone, back thing, oh probably three or four times over the years until a radical departure in 1997.
The last few times I was there about three years ago was right before my mom died and then to bury her in a little town, east of Ordway, in Sugar City. We still have her home there and there isn't a whole lot there in Crowley County. People work hard, very hard. They also know how to have fun and help one another in even the best of times. This week, Tuesday, the town and its people made headlines of the most tragic kind. I only learned of it this evening. You'd think that me working in the news business I'd be more up with this stuff. Especially considering I just was emailing a friend back and forth on Monday who lives there.
The fires caused the evacuation of Ordway and the lives of two firefighters. I knew the mother of one of them. She's the mayor of Olney Springs and when I worked at the newspaper there I had met her while doing stories. Prayers are desperately needed for the DeVore family in this very sad time. Also, I found out 24 homes were also destroyed. I began reading online news accounts and found out a very old dear friend also lost his home. Those who want to help can send donations to Crowley County Community Foundation c/o the National Bank in Ordway. The people there are going to need lots of help. I also read that the Governor declared a state of emergency so resources could be freed up to help the community.
Living in Oklahoma and watching the devastation of tornados and then knowing what my old stomping grounds are like and those who live here, I know that any help will be appreciated. Homes need to be rebuilt as there isn't much there to begin with. So, even if it is just a little, think about what you have tonight as you go to bed. Then think about those in Colorado who could use just a meal even. Whether it is $25 or $2500, if you can give, please do. The videos online are heartbreaking.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seniors are fun, more for Rachel

As promised, here are some more. The garden images for the masses around the world, were shot at the Lindley B&B Inn in Duncan. It's owned by Cecil and Debbie Brewer and they were busy adding more flowers to the gardens. It has a wonderful old English country atmosphere.

Sneak Peek for Rachel

And her mom of course! Your photos are beautiful. I know you are anxious to see some, so here's a few. I'm off to the movies, and will post more later tonight!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coffee! Edited to ADD - WIND!

Joining my scavenger hunt, here's a shot for Coffee!
No, I don't have a photo, maybe later, maybe not! Part of our fence has blown down today from the strong winds here in southern Oklahoma. It's crazy! Wind gusts are 40 mph and more. I'm almost hesitant to walk outside afraid a huge tree limb will come crashing down on me. We've already had a few drop in the road and our yard. Our street has a lot of trees, but many need pruning.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Polaroids and snapshots

Well, realizing I have plenty of photos to scan in and save to make duplicates of, this may become a weekly ritual. The Polaroids and snapshots one day a week.
The polaroids of the old building - story behind the photos goes like this:
My sister found this neat little town in Colorado in 1978. While we are California girls at heart, we were living in Oklahoma at the time. I was 16, Deb, well just add 13 years to my age, hah! Deborah decides our Mom should pack up and leave Oklahoma, after all, we'd only been in Oklahoma since 1972, move to a very, and when I say, very, rural area in Colorado, talk about culture shock. From San Francisco to Oklahoma was one thing, but now here she's convincing my mom of even more remote locations. I think she knew she had to sell me on it first. So, off we go to 'check it out' with mom's permission of course. Here we find this little bitty town. I mean, really, dirt roads except for the main street. The school is falling down, literally (see photos do tell the tale!). And I am thinking all along, okay, cool adventure, but no way! Haha, actually, I fell in love with it, especially considering sis found THE BIGGEST house around, right on the main street, two stories, corner lot, etc... oh yeah, tell me how much I'll miss Oklahoma - NOT! Especially when I realized that I'd be the new girl coming in from the big school. Yes, I have an ego.
The school was on its way to complete demolition, but turns out, the school I'd be attending was five miles away. whew! But before the move, on that trip, Deb and I made a photo excursion, taking turns shooting photos of each other. That big round thing had something to do with an old sugar beet factory at one time. I'm the one in black and brown, sis is showing off in the red shirt. Oh, the photo of me in the doorway of the factory shows me sticking out my tongue for some weird reason.
Well, I wrote more than intended, so I won't post as many photos tonight as planned. So here's the sets of the Sugar City High School, one of my sister way back in the day in California, oh circa 1968?, one of me at age 16 in Oklahoma, about six months before the adventure/move to Colorado.

Kenny Chesney made me cry

I planned to call this post "Photographer's Choice - Voted!" at CMT.com for the upcoming fan video of the year awards that will be April 14. I almost didn't watch the Kenny Chesney video as I am just OK with his music. Yes, he's got some wonderful songs, but to sit and watch... anyway, I was really trying to make my votes based on these choices: like-able factor, creativity and photography of video (did you doubt?!), the lyrics and of course the music. I had marked Leanne Rimes 'Nothin' But Trouble' for Video of the Year. Carrie's 'Wasted' ran a close second on my score card. I watched KC's video the very last and almost ignored it. He made me cry. I got to thinking about my mom and how she lived to 92. I thought about my recent birthday '46' and how now I have grandkids and so many other things. Really puts the whole thing into perspective. Kinda scary too!

But let's back up to right after I watched Carrie's Wasted. Then I started watching a lot of the videos that I had not had a chance to watch this year. I fell in love with Keith Urban's 'I told you so" everything about this is great. The music, lyrics, the video photography, wow...and of course, Urban! So he got my Male video of year vote. Miranda Lambert's Famous in a Small Town won my vote on Best Female voy. Have loved it from day one.
Remember, photographer's choice here! LOL I enjoyed watching Little Big Town 'A little more you' they really looked like they were having fun and the film showed lots of creativity.
In Duo, hands down always - Montgomery Gentry rocks. They always get my vote, always!
What do you think about that?! No, not my vote, but the video! It's hilarious and so fun to watch.
Breakthrough video - Bucky Covington's Different World; and Collaborative goes to Garth and Huey! Love that one!
I voted Trey Fanjoy for director skills. Others that got my vote surprisingly were Jason Alexander for his role in the Online video, and Willie Nelson in Gravedigger. Wow, what a video. And I am so not a Willie fan! But that video is awesome.

Well, I have some old photos to scan and share, they will come in the next post. You can blame it on Kenny Chesney of course. So, Don't Blink!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

From far away they come!

Here is a zoo shot of a crocodile. This is submitted by Caroline G. at www.bloomcreatives.com. She shot it at the Kwena Gardens Crocodile Sanctuary in Sun City, South Africa. Thank you so much Caroline. And please everyone, check out the blogs and Web sites of the photographers who are taking the time to submit these terrific images! I peeked at some of Caroline's writing, super!

Your Best wine shot!

Another one in on the scavenger hunt! This one from Angie Kovacs (http://www.angiekovacs.com). It's number three on the list. Love this shot! So, anyone else with more shots? And it can be something already submitted from the list, the variety is the fun part here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Lime Green is in!

Amy G. is the first one to send in a photo from the scavenger hunt! I love this photo. The little dog is so cute and that pettiskirt is awesome! thanks Amy! Lime Green is #12 on the list, anyone else have Lime Green items yet? Oh I almost forgot to mention, the flip flops are fabulous!!! Good job Amy!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Who wants to play?! Here's the rules: Send the images to me at photosbytonih@yahoo.com and I will post them here over the coming days. I'll announce when the HUNT is over. Just something fun that hopefully will get you away from the computer for awhile! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. If there's enough interest in this, I may put together a little 8x8 softcover book with photogs credited. When you send your photo, let me know if it's OK to use it. Oh and they don't have to be just SOOC, you can texture it, TTv it, whatever....You don't have to send me every thing on the list, just one is fine. The rest of them could be for your own challenge. But you can send me more than one if you want. Either way, this is just something fun, a photo challenge to think out of the box.

Here's the list:

1. Photo of your hometown newspaper, front page OR Newspaper Racks all in a row.
2. Something Paisley.
3. your best wine shot.
4. Vintage telephone, any kind. Preferably at an antique shop or the like.
5. Zoo pic -- be sure to name the animal and the zoo!
6. Polaroid image - no self portrait. Be very creative with this shot!
7. 511 - the number 511 -
8. bicycle
9. tricycle
10. Garden kitsch (gnome or something like that..goofy, quirky, better!)
11. Kids in Prom outfits out in public somewhere (for some reason, they love to hang out at Wal-mart after Prom in the wee hours of the morning) maybe a cool night portrait shot in a parking lot or something!
12. Lime green shirt, skirt, etc...wild pattern preferred.
13. Public Laundromat at midnight.
14. Your best food shot in a public diner.
15. Most interesting church sign in your town right now.
16. Most interesting window display in your town on MAIN STREET! As in Main StreetUSA! Not highway main.
17. Your city's biggest eyesore.
18. A place in your area on the National Register of Historic Places.
19. an old Barn
20. oldest book in your public library
21. go to an open house and shoot two photos, one outside showing for sale/open house sign, the other inside somewhere.
22. headstone of the oldest VETERAN's grave in your cemetery - be respectful please.
23. COFFEE/anything goes on this, the local coffee shop, art of coffee, etc...
24. restaurant with the most unusual name or sign in your town
25. and something very rural, agri-related...sheep, pigs, local handmade herbalist or soapmaker, etc....
now, go have fun!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Storm clouds 'I love the red'

I shot several today of the outflow that was building north of the city today, caused from the massive storm, south of us. It was intense to watch but so far hasn't done anything in our direct area. Except drive my sinuses into OT making me so miserable. Even Walgreen's version of Claritin is not working on it.
My eyes are itchy and watery, my throat is scratchy, just no fun. So, I don't feel like working on the images and am only posting one, my favorite. My husband likes the red as do I. It makes me think of that sailor's proverb, 'red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morn', storm warning..' so I went and Googled and came up with this link: http://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/weather-sailor.html
But of course, the red in my photo is on the ground, not in the sky, but it was the sky that is my main focus. And while shooting, I discovered that my sensors/lenses need serious cleaning!
I really wanted to capture these clouds about 30 minutes earlier, but was dealing with an errand that took priority.
But back to the photo and storm. Had the cold and warm drafts merged as anticipated, it would have really cut loose. Wait, they are still cautioning us on this, large hail and winds could still happen out of this system. And I shot the photo about four hours ago. I hope you like the photo. I'll put more up on my flickr page and most will be sooc.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol, must say

I just can't see how Ramiele lasted as long as she did. And what is wrong with America? Kristy Cook can sing! Yet week after week, she gets sent to the chair. Just wrong. But really, what was really wrong tonight was seeing Brooke in the bottom three. Come on fans! Justin, Jason, what is his name? He belongs over there, most definitely not Brooke. She's real, she's fun and her voice is great. Now granted, she doesn't have the vocals like Carly but .... I know, eventually several of my favorites will get booted. Some of yours will too, you know it! This is my favorite bunch: David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly and Brooke. Kristy is also a favorite, but sometimes, she reminds me of Katrina Elam and well, I just can't help but think she 'mimics' Kat, though I'm sure she doesn't and even if so, that's quite a compliment. Oh, speaking of Kat, her myspace features a couple new songs, one "Him or Us" gave me total goosebumps and almost had me bawling. Wow. Good job Kat! It may be 'the song' Kat needs, though I am partial and think every one of her songs is 'that one!'
I thought about pulling out an old photo of Kat and posting it, but decided that wouldn't be fair without a forewarn her way. So, no photo on this post. Instead, go check out Kat's music on her myspace page. But while you're here, do you agree with my AI choices or not?!