Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maternity Moments | Oklahoma Photographer

I think they kinda like each other! ;-)

Jenna finally saw her proofs and loves them! My sister would say at this moment, 'well, did you doubt?' I'm one of those photographers who always worry that the people I photograph won't like their images. So far, that's been unfounded, so maybe now I really should stop worrying?!
Can't wait to photograph their little newborn!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cooking with Oklahomans, Grilling and Stay Safe! | Oklahoma Photographer

Everything is still HERE< just pushed to the bottom, while I try to figure out how I messed up my blog layout. I like the photos to be large, so I opted to keep it this way for now. I know I've been a bad blogger, and promise to add some new images soon. For now you'll have to deal with my rambling blogging. I picked up a copy of Trisha Yearwood's Home Cooking w/ cookbook. I've been salivating over it for awhile and it looks fantastic. I realized I have a huge collection of cookbooks but they are scattered in boxes, storage and here and there. I need to make a nice place in the kitchen for them. Especially since adding both Ree Drummond and Trisha's books. I've really had an affinity lately for buying "Oklahoma" products.
I especially love the photo of her and Garth and his foreward. Oh wow, what a guy. Writing something like that is a real gift of romance to his wife. Isn't that the sweetest! Especially in a cookbook!
If I'm going to be cooking and eating any of these yummy treats, I'm going to have to kick up the cardio levels in my exercise and quit taking the 'easy' way out.
My husband told me he wanted the mac*cheese, peanut butter bars and zucchini bread. He wants to compare the bread to some I have been making for years. Should I be worried? No way. Because if something is better than what I've been doing, I have no qualms about tossing my recipe to the back of the box.
I'm also excited about the feature I'm working on for the paper's Sunday Lifestyles page. It's on grilling, the start of summer.
And I'm just going to say that Duncan has some great meat markets and owners, along with some wonderful grill 'masters' and more. Be sure to see it online or pick up a copy if you are in town this weekend.
And, don't forget to think safety, on the roads, water, and when you're cooking or grilling!
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Don't forget to thank a Veteran and say a prayer for all those who have given up their lives so we have freedom.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flowers and children | Oklahoma Photographer

Watching a child run through a field of flowers is one of those simple little pleasures of life that set a day apart from the ordinary. It's hard to be stressed when you surround yourself with such moments. I love having the blessing of being able to capture moments like this for others. Thank you Linda and thank you little A.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video footage of Oklahoma storms | Oklahoma Photographer

I'm working on trying to get a video uploaded, but not having success. So trying youtube now.
This was actually the storm that is hitting Lake Fuqua and headed towards Bray, Elmore City, Pauls Valley, east of Duncan. We did almost get trapped in it, but found a road that got us heading back west toward U.S. Highway 81. Saw some flying hail and knew we might be in trouble. I won't say how fast I was driving, but let's say, it was fast and the rain was heavy drops. Passed a Marlow fire personnel truck, probably storm spotting. Called the sheriff after we got past it and then sat under some rotation until we decided we were just getting too risky. We actually started out leaving Duncan around 6:30 or so and it was clear and there seemed to be nothing, just tons of clouds north of us. We went out SH 29 east of Marlow to Bray, then saw it just exploding back toward Duncan, so we turned around at the junk yard on the highway and just a block or two down the road turned onto Cason Road and headed south. We found a good location to watch the storm build, listen to the thunder and then headed back to Duncan on our route, but then ran into the storm and it was a little tense for a few minutes until we got out of it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Custom framed "Freedom Challenged"

When I first met my husband, he always talked about how he thought the Eagle was one of the greatest creatures. He talked about having a photograph, and this was before he realized my passion for photography. Try as I might in my early photography pursuits to get a photo of an eagle, it never happened. Lack of the proper lens was the main issue.
I pretty much gave up on the idea of ever getting the Eagle shot I so wanted to give my husband. Until we went to the zoo. I didn't go looking for the Eagle, in fact, I was having great delight in the pink flamingos and the bears.
In March, we took our granddaughter to the Oklahoma City Zoo and we were having so much fun and then she saw the Eagle. I took several photos and then read the information about the bird. Apparently it and another were injured, one was shot, the other was, I think, hit by a vehicle.
Anyway, this bird was the one with the injured shoulder and I laughed a bit teasing my husband and said, hey, the bird and you have something in common. He injured his shoulder and is still recovering from that. Course, he didn't see much humor in that. It wasn't until we were home and looking at the images that we realized just what a great shot I had. So on a whim, I ordered a 16x24 size (if you do that, expect to follow my instructions!) and because of the odd full size image, I had to have it custom framed. I've waited just over two weeks for it and finally got it today from Celebration Frames. What a great job she did! I love this image and my husband really likes it. So now it has a nice corner in our living room.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oklahoma blooms | Oklahoma Photographer

Here's a few more from my jaunt to Medicine Park this weekend, plus a few from Stephens County alongside the roadsides.

Stephens County

All the rain did was make the dandelions bigger...anyone ever make or eat dandelion jelly? I remember the neighbor making some and sharing with my mom for us kids. I don't remember what it tasted like though.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old truck and roses | Oklahoma Photographer

Took a drive over to Medicine Park. I've only been a couple times many many years ago and was disappointed. Not today! We didn't have time to stop in the little town, but it was bustling and then we saw some of the new home construction. Oh wow, some of those homes are so perfectly landscaped. The wildflowers were blooming and I saw a lone buffalo wandering, but didn't have time for that either. I did get some of the flowers and the lake and waterfalls. I shot this from the car. This is one of the neatest old trucks I've seen in a long time. Will definitely have to go back. I want some of those round cobblestones too, ha! Not sure how I'll get that wish fulfilled, they weigh a few hundred pounds. I think I'll rent a 400mm lens next time.

Vintage Airstream | Oklahoma Photographer

Tammy Lord of OMG (Oklahoma Mascot Gear) has the coolest reburbished Airstream for her business. I so want one of these! The day she was set up at the Main Street Car Show she had this string of lights that are so cute. Course I had to shoot a few photos. Here's the lights. Actual Airstream pics coming later today. Still editing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cowboy grit | Oklahoma Photographer

From the retreat at Snake River Junction. I saw a moment when nobody else was really paying attention as they were off doing their own thing and knew I had a winning shot. I love the lighting on this. The dark tones add that grittiness an old west cowboy needs. His expression was perfect. This will definitely become a metallic print. Or then again, maybe canvas!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm beginning | Oklahoma photographer

this was what I shot as the storm moved into Duncan, from south and north. Then it moved east and caused much devastation from tornados.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Photographer's Retreat & Erica Dawn | Oklahoma Photographer

I hosted a photographer's retreat Saturday and about 9 of us, plus a couple of husbands showed up. Then there were the gunslingers and the teens! And one awesome country artist who has the pipes to prove it! These first two are Erica Dawn, and I'm sure one day she'll be signed, but for now, she's enjoying being a teen and all those wonderful memories that come with that angst age. I've photographed her for years, and she just keeps growing up. What's up with that?!

This is her friend Rayne, one photo 3 ways.

And Chisholm! He rocked this shot, didn't he!

I'll post more this week, but the retreat was definitely that and so much more. We went to an old west town that none of them even knew about and if we hadn't been so exhausted, probably would have shot hours more! Before the day was over, everyone was begging me to host another one. So I guess that will have to be scheduled onto my calendar (no arm twisting necessary!)
I promise I'll have more to share.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Barn | Oklahoma Photographer

I've driven past this barn thousands of times, but finally found the moment I was waiting for. You can have a great landscape subject, but if you don't have all the elements in place (for me, this would be the dramatic sky) then what's the use?
This will be my print of the month for May. It will be listed in my etsy shop in 2 formats: standard and then this skinny.