Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to the World - Cambria and Caden

Talk about beautiful babies! Caden and Cambria (actually, Cambria is on the left in the pair pic). I think they were tired of trying to be little models today. I'll have to return again soon though as they are getting past that posey stage that newborn photographers love. These are my grandbabies and are going to be loved just as much as my others, in fact they already are! This is probably the closest we will get for a Halloween type photo, though I do plan to try again soon. These babes arrived 10-10-10 and each weighed just over 4 pounds and were about 16 inches long. They are so precious!

It was funny, Cambria knew when she was not getting all the attention and then when I tried to put them together to put their arms around each other, she wanted only to sleep and not have her space invaded. So cute! Caden, well he was just a quiet little guy. "Peanut!" Funny, that's what I used to call his daddy when he was a baby.

And look at this smile! Heart melt for sure. Next one is mom Maurie giving a soothing touch to little mister!

2 of my favorite shots right here! I think Caden has figured out how to "heart" his love!
Thank you Maurie, I had a great time today! Cyndi, thanks for being a constant in their world. These babies have lots of love around them. Just doesn't get better than that!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

On "Mom-hood"

Every once in a while, I actually blog here. Tonight is one of those times.

1. I have to realize I am not to blame and not responsible for the actions of my grown children. I knew that, just needed a reminder/wake-up call.
2. Even so, they are my children and I love them, faults and all. I mean, I have plenty of my own, but also, they make mistakes. It doesn't make them a bad person. And just because they may not fit the whole 'norm of society' doesn't mean they can't be a good parent. (I even make mistakes.)
3. It also doesn't mean they don't love their own children and sometimes it takes longer for some people to "grow up" as opposed to others. It still doesn't make them a bad person.
4. If you come at me and say mean and hurtful things to me about my children, even if they are grown, just know the nice gloves come off. Now if you want to say those things directly to the adult child, well then fine, but if you are suppose to be a professional, then please be professional. Don't attack me, or whoever it is and don't make it personal.
-- Especially when you know VERY LITTLE of the entire story. There's always more to the story then you think you know.
5. Don't be so quick to judge. I'm guilty of this one even recently. And again, events sometimes serve as that wake-up call. Don't be so quick to believe the worst of someone and if a person admits they have issues, problems, something to help, not compound the problem.

6 is the best: Friends and prayer can work miracles.

7. Don't lie to me. There's no point in it. I'll probably find out soon enough that you did. You don't have to tell me everything, if you want, leave out the good stuff. Just don't lie to me! Or I won't trust you.
8. Don't threaten me. I'm not easily intimidated.

9. Back to the 2 and 3 posts. Look, I did the best I could raising my children. For the most part, I don't feel I did so bad, but weeks like this, when everyone (general loose used term there in the everyone bit) is attacking me, I wonder where I went wrong, then I realize, hey, stop that. I should tell these people that too, no matter who they think they are. But, I wasn't handed a parenting book when I gave birth.
Everyone has their own ideas of raising children. That's the great thing about being a parent. Gosh, it would be an awful boring world if all children were raised the same or by a "set of standards" that a few think are the way to go. I know that my mom raised me very much different from the way she raised her older children, or even my sister. My sister claims I was mom's favorite and she was always bragging on me. I never much heard that. I know my mom was proud of me, she told me a time or two. But many of those times, I don't think I really heard her. I think, years later, I sort of "get it."

And lastly, don't imply that creating children is a crime or a sin. Children truly are a blessing! And if this post bothers you, then maybe you need to get right with yourself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art of the horse

Spent the evening scanning artwork we've kept in a box for years. One of the things I found is a small oil painting that my late uncle painted probably in the mid-1960s for me. Up until we moved to Oklahoma I always had it hanging in my living room as a way to honor him. This wasn't one of his best but he sure could paint some gorgeous large ocean scapes! I have one of those still too. He was a WWII veteran, my mom's brother. I have good memories of him even though he died when I was still young.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kip - Oklahoma Dog Photographer

I love dog portraiture and I love it more when I have a great model like little Kip, a 13-week old Pom-Poo. He was so cute and wondered why I kept making odd noises...he gave me the cutest looks. If you've been a long-time reader here, you probably have noticed I have gone back to smaller photos. It's just quicker to get them on the blog. Before I was linking over from my smugmug, hoping that would help me with art sales over there, but it didn't.
If you like Kip, you can buy a copy of any of the prints, just comment and I'll arrange. He's going into my greeting card selection also at Fine Art America.

Blog mystery

I came here today only to discover all my sidebar stuff has vanished! My facebook fan page connection, my archives, my links, all of it just NOT THERE! Hoping to find it. Other than that today is a beautiful day. The weather is perfect, but I'm battling the spinning world moment. I think it was something I ate. Sitting straight up is well, a bit dizzying.
I've been searching the blog world for wonderful inspiration, for everything from photography to home decor and art.
Now back to it!