Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love this stuff!

The Tavolo cabinet was the first thing I spied. Love this, perfect for incoming mail/bills. Then the golden globe lights, but I am hoping to find some like this but much less pricey. Then there's the beautiful 19thcentury American Barnwood butcher block. Wow! Everyone needs a St. Martin's Plaque and one of the best things, oh wait, this was actually the first item that said "buy me!" --the clean slate stands. Love this photo where they have gourmet cheeses on display. But the best thing about the napa style site is each photo of each item is accompanied with great detailed history of how the piece came to be.

Went shopping tonight, online, but it was just a virtual spree and I didn't buy anything. Here's a few things I'd love to have but way out of my price range today.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cool related!

(Click on the title when you are finished here and the link will whisk you away to my etsy shop!)
Now for the real post!
Since I'm way too tired this early a.m. to dig up a photo to post, I'm sitting here surfing one of my favorite online places - no not ebay! Ruby Lane! First I found a very cool cat brooch, not posting it since I may still buy it! But then I found this:
It's a Battlefields of Gettysburg set of vintage photographs with a small box they fit in. It says the price is $35 which isn't bad for souvenir photos of our nation's historical land. Imagine crafting a story to go along with the images? Would be great for an art series or altered journal. this particular shop also has other items, particularly nice are her vintage books and vintage children's books for sale.

And you can always stop by my new etsy shop if you are in the mood! Well it isn't new but I am just now listing items. It's mostly to sell my fine art photographs, blank notecards. But I've also got some vintage finds listed.
I go by photogypsy320. Try this link and it might get you there!

And I did add a photo here of one of my Carnival series images that can be found on my etsy shop. This one is titled "Carnival Vintage" and seems to be a very popular image. I can also sell it larger sizes with a digital mat added to preserve the entire image. Let me know if you are interested.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great shirt, great location

Actually the idea for the photo shoot began with finding by accident a very cool location. Then K. went shopping and found this great halter with vintage flair at Fashion Bug for only $6. We added a red vintage purse I had on hand and some beads. The only downside was we did this later in the morning then we should have and neither K or I are morning people. We then headed out for more thrifty finds and came up with some more things for another day, probably evening at this exact location.

Quick take

It was just one of those days. So we quickly ran outside and got just a few before we decided the mosquitos might win! OK, so one was shot inside! And I like the warmer version on the outside pics, so I must convert the other one now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pirate Roman!

Absolutely one of my favorite little boys! His first Halloween photos. The convict outfit apparently was his aunt's (on his mom's side) outfit when she was two and she's a senior this year. Too cute. I don't think that I ever saved any of my boys outfits from Halloween. I wished now that I had so Roman could have wore his daddy's outfit. We had so much fun doing this set. I can't wait for my son and his gf to see the end results. Oh and to add, the lollipop, well that turned out to be a big OOPS. I thought it had an internal plastic wrap also on it and gave it to him and he got his first taste of candy. His daddy was not happy about that! And the look on Roman's face when we took it away..well... this is right before, so I think he knew candy time was over..."It's mine.."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank you to everyone!

Well, first an apology, I can't get my photos to post tonight. I had one but it didn't work.

So, lately I have been so busy and just haven't had time to even play on the Internet or with my photos. Meanwhile I'm finishing up some wedding orders as I want to get those out of the way before this month ends.
Now, here comes the hard part. Those of you who know me know I've tottered with this decision for some time, but my photo business is now on hold. Indefinitely. That sounds so final, but I guess at this point in time it is. I hope that maybe months from now I can get back to it, and I hope that many of you will choose me again as your photographer, but something has to give and there just aren't enough hours in a week for me what with house hunting and trying to move. I really thought that I could juggle a few appointments, but after the last few days, I know that I've got more on my plate then is realistic.
I know this upsets some of you - especially with the holidays coming up. If you e-mail me, I'll be happy to send you the names of some photographers in this area that I think can fill your wishes without breaking your piggy bank.
I've had so much fun getting to know all of you and watching and documenting your children, families and special moments. It has truly been a blessing to be invited into your lives and provided such a treasured task.
I plan on keeping up my blog at least a couple times a week when possible.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Little Miss M just too cute!

didn't edit, just love this photo and decided to post it. More coming in the next few days!

Two very special girls!

These are two very special girls dear to my heart. Love them both, baby M and her mommy Miss K. I had boys, so getting to have girls around is so much fun!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

And the price is....

OK...for those who follow my random posts of late, remember the Vintage Tricks below of the Hocus Pocus item on ebay? well I just went back and saw that the winning bid for it was well over $1,500! 16 bids! Can you imagine? I just can't imagine someone paying that kind of money for something like that! Just goes to show that if someone wants something bad enough they will pay for it. The item is listed below for those who are wondering.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prayers for the McCarter family

I first learned of Clint McCarter's death Sunday night, but didn't have details. Sadly, on Monday, I learned it was true that he was killed in a head-on collision over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I didn't know Clint, but I know his parents, Ray and Kathy, through my work as a journalist and Ray as a legislator here in Oklahoma. While my job required me to go from one paper to another, it seemed my path always crossed Ray's. Even when I went to Waurika to serve as editor there. His daughter happened to live down there and Ray was there quite often usually in his role as a politician.
I just can't imagine the heartache that he and his wife are experiencing. My prayers are with their family in this tragic time.
I do know that there will be a graveside service in Addington (south of Duncan, actually south of Comanche) in Jefferson County on Saturday.