Monday, March 30, 2009

Blues Brothers rock the house (Version 2)

This version is much better! Turn on the sound and enjoy!

Blues Brothers rock the house

Updated note: I'm remixing the video and will post the new version in a new post above when it is ready later tonight. I took out some of the duplicate images and hopefully it won't be so glitchy when it loads.
NOTE: I've never had a problem with animoto shows loading, but this one keeps recycling to load up. I hope that is not the case on your end, considering that I PAY for the animoto service. Highly unusual for the delay...ummmm try this link if the show posted here doesn't work for you:

AS promised to a few select individuals, some highlights of the Miss Comanche 2009 pageant from Saturday night. I think it was the most fun I've had in a long time covering an event. (That does not mean that I want to become a full-time reporter again, no thank you!) I love to write and this was an easy event to create a story from. Hope you picked up a copy of the paper today. Some more photos will be in Tuesday's issue. Meanwhile, congratulations to the girls and thank you to the "Blues Brothers" for the entertainment and way to step it up Sen. Anthony Sykes (for joining in on the BB act!) Great fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

State of Emergency, find the beauty within!

OK< my news side sort of took over in the my title post! I kept hearing this odd noise and realized we were getting wasn't hail, but bigger than sleet. The wind is crazy, and we are in one of the milder targeted counties according to the news on TV.
The last photo on this post below is from after the last storm we had several weeks ago. It wasn't really much of a storm, but lent itself to beautiful images. This storm I may just stay inside - until I HAVE to venture out Saturday night to cover an event in a town 10 miles south.

This nasty weather gives us photographers plenty of opportunity to play on the Internet, or process images. I shot these tangelos a week or so ago. Processed them in all different ways. I can't make up my mind what is my favorite! May have to make a blurb book just with all the different final versions. Maybe one of those small blurb books in softcover.
I sure wish I had gotten the fourth book of the Twilight series. This would have been a great weekend to read that. I am finishing up Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's OK. I think I'll go dig up a book by Diane Mott Davidson out of my closet and read it. Perfect weather. Hot tea or cocoa and I'm good to go! Course, a latte would be primo! You can find more of my tangelos on my flickr stream. A link is to the side of my blog, visually.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And with spring comes thunderstorms

As in this ... last night. But we didn't really get anything but wind in Duncan. More are on my flickr, but these are a couple favorites.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love spring

Mostly because I'm a 'spring' child (I refuse to really grow up -- just pretending to be an adult).
I'm prone to stopping in the middle of the road to shoot a photograph like this one on Friday. Isn't it just lovely?
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday ... to me!

I came home from work Friday to banners, balloons and ribbons all over my home! My husband had decorated the place and I'm not a bit bashful to say it was better than a dozen roses or diamonds. I squealed with childlike delight that was much to his enjoyment. I got a new external HD that I desperately needed to free up some space on my hard drive. Whoohoo!
My kids showed up and we all had a great time. And of course, little MM was also here, center of attention. The weather was great and we spent some time in the backyard. Trying to get the backyard ready for spring portrait sessions! And I did some driving around to find some new locations for senior, bridal and kid sessions. I'll soon be updating my session offerings, so if you are interested, let me know!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no dirt!

My granddaughter isn't too big on getting dirty. She happily 'helped' me by watching. But she didn't want to put her hands in the dirt and when she did get some on her hands, I snapped a very quick photo from an awkward position. I was sitting down and she was coming at me to wipe off the dirt from her precious little hand. Love this baby girl!

and I know I promised photos from the fundraiser, but just haven't gotten around to processing them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

feedjit has me in Roswell, NM?@@@

I kept seeing all this traffic from Roswell, New Mexico, and discovered that feedjit burner has my blog listed from there. I changed it so we will see where the traffic will come from next. They really need to fix that. I typed in Duncan, Oklahoma and found sites from Texas and all over the world. If they can't do better than that, they should just forget about it.

I'll be back later to post some funny photos from last night's fundraiser for the humane society show. There was a hypnotist and plenty of laughter. Chef Ramsey, Brad Pitt and Carol Burnett were all in town too! LOL I've got the pictures to 'prove' it.
My donation of a pet photo session brought a silent auction bid of $125, that might help them buy a bag or two of dog food!
And I had lots of people come up to me after the event and are interested in pet photo sessions!
Well, off to do some more Sunday morning blog surfing!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

words that capture

oh catchy title..
how's this? I'm getting this printed as a 10x10 to hang in my studio. hop over to to make your own wordie! addictive!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SATURDAY!! They need homes!

Below I wrote the event was Friday. No it is Saturday! Hurry, tickets still available! It's going to be so much fun! My photos are on display, I've donated a pet session and a trio of beautiful refrigerator magnets. There are lots of great silent auction items, a hypnotist and more! So hurry and get tickets!

Would you believe these friendly furry faces are pound pets, homeless shelter dogs? I spent an afternoon a couple weeks ago at our local humane society shelter facility (there is a previous post with other photos) and am finally finishing up the editing.

A big fundraising event is Friday, tickets may still be available. Some of the dogs I photographed already were adopted -YAY! but there are always more waiting for the right owner. These are some of my favorites that if I could have, I would have brought home. I always have wanted a chocolate lab.
Then I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, so how could I resist this little pup?
And the doxie is a "pair" they reside at the shelter, the mascots! Isn't he cute? I've discovered that the doxie must be the most owned dog breed in Stephens County, Oklahoma! I've had more clients who have just as many doxies as they do children! I usually try to get a few photos of their family member included. For after all, pets are part of our families, right?!

Oh, the fundraiser. It's Friday, did I just say that? Yes! Ha! There will be a hypnotist, lots of silent auction items -including a pet portrait session donated by yours truly here! Starting bid is at $50 for this $150 value session.
I ordered a bunch of prints that will be on display from this afternoon session at the shelter. And a set of three cute refrigerator magnets that will go either as a door prize or auction item. Not sure which. Value $15. All for a good cause. All proceeds at the show go to the shelter.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rant, yes really!

A few months ago I posted a playlist player on my blog. It didn't last long. I found it extremely annoying and could only guess so did others! After a few days, down it came.
I've noticed more and more blogs having those on them. Fine, if I can shut it off while I surf because I usually already have my music on or just none at all depending on my mood. But in the last 24 hours I've found two blogs that have music but it isn't showing on the blog so that I can shut it off. PLEASE, make the player visible so I can enjoy your blog without your style of music (usually something extremely outdated, corny or whatever) barking in my ear.
OK, back to our regular programming.
Today was beautiful in Oklahoma! I felt overdressed by not wearing my flip flops!

Monday, March 02, 2009

this is one of those WT...ummm moments

I just added a new photo and post and it shows on the back end of my blog, but NONE of my posts show on the front, WT....frenchfry....
looks like they are back...go figure

trio of energy

here's yet another one from my Saturday shoot. I wanted to say that my inspirations for the day started with Ann Hamilton and Sharon Montrose, great photographers, fantastic dogographers?, dog portrait artists? whatever, just fantastic! One other photographer was also inspiration, always has been and that is Barbara Breitsameter. I first saw her work years ago on Better Photo. Oh there are many others like the fabulous Erin Vey (edit: meant to say Emily Reiman) who I e-mailed back and forth frequently years ago. I need to send her a hi! But, Sharon Montrose is one I just discovered and I absolutely love her work! Anyway, just wanted to give proper 'paws' to these wonderful photographers! It's work like theirs and their personalities that are inspiring.
Oops, I meant to say Emily Reiman was the one I emailed with years ago. I think Erin and I exchanged an email once or twice, but I wanted to make sure Emily gets props because she is such a great dog photographer! Be sure to Google and check out these women's sites!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

for our furry friends

I believe in giving back when possible. My mom always got involved in community activities, did plenty of volunteer work and I guess some of it rubbed off. My sister and my nephew are the same way. Always helping others.
Over the years I've done lots of events for our Stephens County Humane Society animal shelter. This latest project is one I am extremely proud of. There is an upcoming fundraiser March 14. My photos are just a small part of the big night, featuring a hypnotist, silent auction and more. I spent part of my Saturday, sick even, at the shelter shooting photos of the dogs there. These will be on display.
If you happen to see one that you want to adopt, contact the SCHS
I will post several photos over the coming days. If you adopt one of these, please let me know so that I can have my photo designated as an adopted pet, instead of homeless dog, at the show.