Friday, July 27, 2007

Oklahoma clouds

From my archives. Sitting here eating a bowl of Lucky Charms trying to wake up I decided to look in my old files for something to play with. Found this old photo and ran a couple actions on it. Not sure which one I like best. I love the way the image pops in the one, but detail is lost. The other retains the detail. I may get this one printed. It's been awhile since I enlarged any of my landscape images. Haven't had a really good storm to chase either. Well, off to take a shower and head to work. I'm putting in some extra hours writing these days. Kind of a nice change of pace. But, don't forget, September is just around the corner for those considering family sessions so you have a photo for your Christmas and holiday greeting cards!

Friday, July 20, 2007

See, told you I was busy!!

Normally, I give each session its own little sneak peak, but with a wedding, a family session and a young girl with quite the personality all in the span of 10 days, that isn't happening this time.
So, here's just a few favorites from all of those hundreds of images I've been working on.
Congratulations to Melissa and Dan on their wedding! Congratulations to Dottie and George Lara on their 50th anniversary! And good luck to Hannah in the upcoming Stephens County Fair pageant contest!
I have to add something.
The Lara family has to be the most beautiful, kind bunch I have ever had the fortune to meet and photograph. All 27 of them! I'm still trying to remember everyone's names, but let me tell you, this family is super! They get top billing in my book of people to know! I loved surprising them with a quick slideshow at their anniversary the night after we did their photos. It was so fun to watch their faces as they watched the show. You are the BEST! That goes for everyone who I get to photograph. I had a hard time deciding which ones to post. I love the silly shot of the Lara grandchildren! And I have a great silly shot of Hannah that I plan on posting, along with some very heart-touching images from Melissa and Dan's day!
Probably Sunday I will post more.
Meanwhile, if you want photos, call me to start booking for August through November. I won't be photographing in December.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm here, just so busy..

For those of you patiently waiting to see your private galleries, keep hanging on! Reminder to brides, contracts state three to four weeks before your proofs are available for viewing online. I still have a wedding to download, a family session to work on and modeling shots for a beautiful 10-year-old! So, if you don't hear from me right away, just know I'm here, but busy. I absolutely can not book any more sessions in July as I have to get caught up. BUT don't wait until August to call me! If you want photos, call me now! If you are needing photos in July and absolutely have to have them, call me and we can work out something. If there is not a rush, then just call so we can book your session for August or September.
I'll get some more sneak peek photos online this weekend.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Bride wore Aviator glasses and cowgirl boots...

OK, she really did...just not down the aisle! Congratulations to Dereck and Aubrey! Aubrey was ecstatic over the boots Dereck had given her as a wedding gift. And then they wanted something totally fun for a group shot after the ceremony and out came the sunglasses. This is what I'm talking about everyone! Brides -- remember that all the posed group shots mean very little if you don't have fun doing it. Very rarely do I ever have a bride order any of the group shots -- unless they have some kind of great memory behind them.
I had so much fun photographing Aubrey and Dereck's wedding. There was never a dull moment and Aubrey, your best friends kept us all rolling! So, I know you've waited patiently for a few photos, so here's a sneak peek.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Please let me say...

The photos below of little Miss K. are not meant in any way to be disrepectful to our flag. If anyone has concerns, please let me know via private email. So far, all I've heard are wonderfully pleasing comments, but I did want to go on the record with my thoughts. I gave a lot of thought on this session. The flag stayed on the bench, never touching the ground. I couldn't drape it like I normally drape it since she was so tiny and we needed her to sit up. The bench was the best answer. The flag has become such a commercial product, - underwear, license plates, paper plates, napkins, etc...but that is not the way I feel about it. To me, this was just a great way for the parents to show their pride - in both their daughter and our country. I feel very strongly about our country and patriotism. And while I'm on the subject, I strongly support our troops. I may not like the war efforts, mostly because our troops aren't being treated right, but after I did Charles Dyer's session in February (a photo of him with his little girl can be found on my website), I understand why these troops continue their battle. So, while this may be a few days late in posting after our country's birthday, it holds true no matter what day of the year I post. My prayers are with our troops always.
And, a big shout goes out to one of the very first girls I ever photographed - Crystal, stationed down in Austin. I have to dig out her photo from when I did a session of her when she was in seventh grade in Colorado. I found her by accident on myspace. She's active NG and has been everywhere - Egypt, Iraq...It's nice to 'find' old photo models who are all grown up! I've told her that next time she's this way, she gets a free session from me because she's in the service.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Cute all the way!

I love photographing little Miss K. Have been since she was a wee newborn in November! Thank you again Misty and Jason. I love it when you guys come to the studio!
You'll notice a slight difference in the two images that are in blue. One is a little darker blue. Let me know which one is your favorite! And how cute is the duck shot?!!! So glad I got my K. fix for the month!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Parade pics!

See more parade photos after Friday at my website:
Look in the portrait side, under the featured tab.
UPDATE: I chose not to load photos into a featured gallery at this time. I did supply The Duncan Banner with several that were published in the July 8 Sunday edition. The remainder of images I have are mostly of cars in the parade. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers Rocks!

OHMIGOSH!!! This movie was so great! Well, that's not what I want to say, but at the risk of offending someone, I won't write that! No, now really, this movie is totally super. I remember buying my boys the toys when they were little and then to go watch it was so much fun. My youngest son, a friend, my husband, brother and I went. I could have sat through it again. It was that good.
Right before we left, I was on the phone with my nephew in Florida and he said his buddy had just got out of the theater down there only 20 minutes before and also gave it rave reviews.
And speaking of my nephew...CONGRATULATIONS!!! He just passed his state paramedic exam! Years ago, he got into volunteer firefighting and over the years has just worked his way up to this great day. I'm so proud of you Christian! In spite of a rocky past year, he never gave up. So here's to you kiddo, for being a fantastic nephew, a good son to my sister and one heckuva terrific single father raising two beautiful children on your own. I just know you will do great! Oh yeah, and the cha..ching bells are ringing loud now aren't they?! Hah!

So back to Transformers....if you haven't gone and seen it yet today, don't wait...the crowds weren't so bad since they apparently are showing it all throughout the day.

And it looks like I get the Fourth to spend with my family since no one called to book an appointment....Have a great Fourth!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fourth of July!

K.B. is one of my favorite kids to photograph and just to talk to. She's got such personality and I love her like crazy! This was last year's photo. Her little brother and other cute kids can be found on my new Web site! I also can add a vintage style blend to the image for something unique. I have a section there just for Patriotic Portraits and have more to add.
Fourth of July in Marlow offers loads of photo opportunities. From before the parade and behind the scenes events right through the day to the big finale of fireworks over Redbud Park. If you are within driving distance, Marlow is the place to spend your day - that is if it isn't RAINING! I can't wait for Wednesday, it's always fun and one of the reasons I like living here.
But, some of you are probably thinking, okay, is she going to do photos that day?! YES! But you have to book an appointment. I'll be at my studio on and off through the day, and will have an American Flag set up for patriotic portraits. I was going to put up an Oklahoma Centennial flag, just haven't fully made up my mind on that one.
These will be affordable quick sessions and if you live out of town, you can make arrangements to get your CD either later that day or I can mail it to you for a small extra cost. So, please call me if you are interested. Time is running out. Because if I'm not booked, I will be out and around shooting candids.