Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great find on etsy!
Not that this seller needs any help promoting her shop, but I came across Littleput Books and love the jewelry pendants she makes and sells. What a nice gift for someone who prefers something original. You just have to go see.

And while you are at etsy, be sure to check out my offerings. Very random right now, with a mixture of different images and then some vintage things that need new homes. If you like pool, be sure to look at my newest images of vintage pool balls.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good music, freezing weather, but who cares?! I've known both Audrey and Orvel for nearly 10 years. Less than a year ago, Audrey cut her first album, a Christian album. She has the most magnificent rich voice and when she sings Amazing Grace, wow! Add the old upright piano and it gets even better. Well, right after she cut her first CD and I bought one the day she was out delivering them to the local Hasting's store, we talked about her next one. Oh, probably a week or two later, she called me and said, "hey, I want you to do my photos for the next cover!" Wow!, so we decided we'd do them in the fall. Well it pretty much came and went and I have been so busy. While I was on the airplane to Florida a week ago Friday, my cell rang and sure enough it was Audrey. I didn't answer as I was getting ready to shut my cell off per captain's orders. When I got back, I had forgot to call her back, but Audrey being ever persistent (she's a police officer too!) showed up at my workplace and I knew I was in big trouble. Hahah! Well, how does Orvel fit into this scheme?
He has a place I have exclusive shooting rights at and I knew it would be perfect for Audrey's photos. BUT, of all things, the weekend we decide to do this is absolutely freezing. Audrey was determined though. We met up in Marlow and caravaned to the old west town and after working to get some shots in a very dark church, we headed over to another building where Audrey and Orvel sat down at this piano. Loads of fun!

There's also a story behind the robes Audrey wore for the session. A local seamstress creates them. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Ocean Baptism

One week ago today, I had the wonderful experience of witnessing this ocean Baptism in Florida, just off the Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. It had been going on for some time while I was busy doing family photographs for my nephew and sister. My sister Deb hollered at me to look, thinking it was a wedding. I didn't pay much attention at the time as it was farther down the shore. But as we headed back to our vehicles, Laurie and I came upon it as a man was finishing his 'dunking' and we started watching. I immediately started photographing the entire scene, then Laurie, being the ever polite person she is, reminded me that maybe I should ask permission to photograph the event. I asked a couple women and they said it was OK.
Then the elders led a young girl out to the water and here are a few of those photos. While I love the last one where she is smiling and laughing after three dunkings, I think the first one is the most powerful of the images. She has her eyes covered and the men are leading her into the ocean. It was so breathtaking to watch and it felt like my National Geographic moment. I had never witnessed an ocean Baptism before and the waves were powerful enough that the men were having a difficult time standing in the water and holding onto the little girl. I asked one of the women in the crowd how old the girl was and they said about 10 or 11 years old. It was difficult to hear over the preaching, praying and hallelujahs, but I believe they said it was the New Covenant Church. I'd love to be able to send the young girl a set of photos.
So, here's my first Sunday post of the day. I have another one coming, also of a spiritual nature. I hope to make my Sunday posts a bit more meaningful then the other daily posts I share. It might only be an image of the beauty of nature around us with an inspirational quote or verse. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dream Wedding!

Well it didn't go quite as planned, but you couldn't tell it from these images. Congratulations you two!! And wow, the kids look like little angels, don't they?! Thanks for letting me share in your special weekend! Glad you made it home safe!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Most photogenic family!

And they are mine! Well sorta! Christian is my nephew and Laurie is his new wife! Whoohoo! Ya'll are awesome! I wish all the people I shoot were as much fun as you guys were and Laurie, you are the ultimate bride to photograph! I am so lucky to have such a great family.

I'm so happy Laurie that you have joined our family. You and Chris make a beautiful couple! But as much fun as I had with the wedding portraits, I'm partial to the Sunday morning on the beach. Lots of great shots and little A and S, you guys keep stealing my heart! It was so hard to leave you all! Miss you bunches and Chris and Laurie, I hope you make it back into the country without all the hassles you had trying to leave for your cruise. OK, so here are just a few of the 1,000 plus images I shot in three days!

Friday, November 16, 2007

in florida

ok so i'm here, shot a ton of awesome smokin' hot photos of my nephew and his bride but can't post them since there isn't a card reader with his laptop and I didn't think to bring the camera cable! they are gorgeous and we've had so much fun and the weekend hasn't begun - in about four hours we take off for ft lauderdale and then will see the sights, do beach photos of the family and then the wedding is sunday. i'm sure i'll end up buying more flash cards as i'm shooting in raw format. can't wait to post these when i get back home to oklahoma - miss my hubby and family soooo much!
oh and flip flops are not necessarily a good thing in's cold down here, can you believe it?!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Congratulations in order!

Congratulations to Miss Hannah! I got an e-mail from her mom Friday and then saw them at Wal-Mart later that day before Heather saw my email reply. Hannah has won yet another Miss Photogenic title from the photo shoot I did of her in the summer! I believe her mom said that makes three crowns now. Awesome Hannah! I can't wait until we do more photos and remember what I said, start a little file of images you see in teen magazines of those you like and we will see what we can do to so that you have fun doing outdoor photos!

And now for just a little self-applauding, Heather mentioned that the judges were extremely impressed with not only Hannah, but the overall quality of the images and that the photos and the way Hannah was portrayed in them was what they were looking for. I think people are tired of the very plastic looking overmade up 1980s look. Just remember that when putting a model portfolio together. Hannah's photos from the summer session are on my site (link at left) in a featured gallery and children's images.

I'd have to say that Audrey Woulard is a good example of what TO DO when shooting kids portraits. She is a dynamic photographer and really can capture the personality of a child without using a ton of fancy gear. She does a lot of photography for Ford Model agency and stays quite busy with about 35 sessions a month. I hope to attend one of her workshops.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Did you call me?

Well, it's quite dismaying to find out from someone that says people have tried to call me and I have not returned their phone calls. If you were one of those people, please try your call again as I never got the first message. There was one weekend when my phone just didn't work so I shut it off. But, you'd think the voice mail would come through. I don't know what to think because this person was quite insistent that phone calls have come my way.
I really haven't gotten calls or messages from anyone wanting portraits. I would not just ignore anyone. And remember, sometimes people will say, oh, I'll call her. That doesn't always mean they will.

Now though, I must say, I am not doing portraits at this time. That doesn't mean I won't ever be doing them, but just not these days. I've posted this many times. I have other issues to deal with right now and it would not be fair to anyone. (Especially my family! They have been so patient with me this year! Thank you! I love you guys!)

Unless you've spoken directly to me, don't assume though that I won't ever be doing photography or portraits.
I've decided to take my photography in a different direction to work on some past due projects and some fine art images.

And with that, now get out there and take some photos of the beautiful fall leaves. The weather is gorgeous this week and the leaves are only bright and yellow for a very short time! And don't worry if your photos aren't greeting card perfection, just do it for your own enjoyment. Get your kids out there, your dogs, just have fun! And be sure to get in the photo yourself. Most cameras have a self-timer feature. Set the camera on a small box and then jump into your photo with your family! You may find it is your favorite photo!
Happy Autumn to all!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Etsy, etsy!!

Well, I finally got my etsy shop up and running, with a banner even! I made my first sale today and I got so tickled! While my etsy shop 'photogypsy320' is mainly for my fine art photography images, I do have some other items, mainly vintage things, on there as I am decluttering in our efforts to move. I have uncovered items I forgot I had even.
But, back to my photography, here are a few of the images I've put on my etsy shop that can be bought as a print for framing or as a notecard. It's my Carnival series and I'm having so much fun in the creation of each one.