Saturday, November 27, 2010

Empowering Women - Oklahoma Photographer

I am so behind on my blogging. I have many things to blog about lately, but haven't had time. I did want to share a session I did with someone I admire. Sheri is the first (that we know of, we being Dawn at Personal Best, Sheri and myself) from this area into female figure building. That takes some dedication and probably soul searching. I'm doing good if I work out more than a few times a month. I can't imagine this dedication to exercise. S. says she is addicted. She has to be. Dawn is a total slave driver. This was just a photo shoot and I felt like I worked out. (ouch.)

Here's a few of the images from the posing and practice session. Dawn wanted Sheri to have some images to review so she could see what she needs to work on and for pointers when they go to competition. Apparently judges are looking for something in their muscle definition and stances. Beyond me. I just like having a chance to play with my lighting and get to shoot something different once in awhile. While this was most definitely work, it also was much easier than newborns and chasing three-year-olds!

And a smile after she was done.

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