Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marshmallow Pops become Marshmallow Christmas Cupcakes guarded by the solider at the Wish Tree

What's easier and better than making sugar cookies with your 3 year old granddaughter at Christmas? Marshmallow Pops, or in this case, Marshmallow cupcakes!

There were no lollipop sticks to be found so instead we used mini cupcake papers found in the Christmas aisle and actually it was more fun probably and instead of spending extra money on the things that go with all that, we just bought more sprinkles!

And of course she's ever the photographer's assistant because she refused to eat any of them until "AFTER" the photo shoot. That was her remark, no prompting from me. Go figure. Gotta love moments like that. And now the Nutcracker soldier guards the treats next to the Wish Tree in our kitchen. He even got his own Christmas Marshmallow treat top because he does such a good job guarding the Christmas wishes until Santa collects them.

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