Friday, January 14, 2011

Portrait of a Firefighter - Oklahoma photographer

Tim Helton is a retired firefighter and the husband of a friend of mine. He volunteered to be the model for Live Model Night this month at the Chisholm Trail Arts Council Community Fine Arts Center & Gallery. He did a fantastic job. It was a small turnout with three of us, including Tim's wife, Shirley, who were photographers. The others who came were artists and did sketch studies. It was fun and I stayed an hour longer than I planned.
I wasn't going to show or post this, as I wanted to wait and print it for display in the gallery, but economics being what they are these days, that may not happen for a few months.
I love being able to photograph and then getting creative with my work later.

Now a word of caution. I'm going on my soapbox.
Just remember, if you are a relatively new photographer, shoot plenty of things and experiment with your own work, not another photographer's work, if you are learning digital paint programs or textures.

I know that the majority of photographers I know, whether online or in person, don't like it when someone else 'Plays' with their work, especially a finished published piece. Just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's up for grabs and if someone shares an image with you they took, that also doesn't give you the right to rework their image to your own liking.
All I'm saying is respect the 'artist's work.'
I don't know how often this needs to be said, because you can see this same type of rant on many a photographer's blog, facebook, forums or other places. Yet, so many people continue to violate copyrights and disrespect artists.
OK, stepping down now!
Get out there, photograph, draw, paint...whatever it is that inspires you. Share it with the world or keep it private. Just find the inner artist in you!

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