Tuesday, August 15, 2006

17 1/2 hours and counting ...

The minutes slowly tick by as I anxiously await for vacation from the 'other job'...no make that the 'job'. I planned to head down to Florida for two days to see my great niece and nephew, almost 3 and 4 years wise! I've never seen them and if I do brave the idea of flying down there, I'm heading to the beach with them! The last time I was in Florida, I was single, oh, 19 or so and in Navy boot camp in Orlando. I love the ocean and can't believe I live in the middle of the country. It's punishment I tell ya! But, Oklahoma is a great state to live in.
Meanwhile, this week will be spent catching up on proofing Shelly and Justin's wedding images, revamping my studio, working on a book project and oh, yes, doing laundry.
I also hope to see some local seniors at my studio to set up Senior Portrait sessions for September and October. Very excited about that. Seniors are so much fun! Will post more on that tomorrow evening.
I'd add a photo except I can't get them to upload all of a sudden!

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