Monday, August 14, 2006

Upcoming vacation from my day job!

Whoohoo! I'm getting vacation finally, from my job at the paper. Why would you care? Well, that means I'll have more time to do portraits - at the studio, at the park, etc...So call me today to schedule a session. I'll also be at the studio more over the next couple weeks beginning Thursday. I'm giving it a new look that will be more in keeping with Marlow's historic downtown district. And I'll be busy painting new backdrops for senior photos!

Seniors in Marlow, Bray-Doyle, Central High, Duncan, Rush Springs, Empire and Velma-Alma - now is the time to start thinking about your photos! Choose me as your portrait photographer (not yearbook) and I'll go the distance to create a memorable session with images you and your parents would be proud of. And I have plenty of new offerings for wallet images that you might not be able to get even at larger studios where you'd pay two to four times more than my session fees.

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