Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another look at Christmas

My favorite shot ... Next year's Christmas card!

1912 Santa ornament - The year my mother was born.

Little reindeer - a steal at 99cents each at the local Goodwill!

The shelf over our fireplace - halfway 'undecorated' today. The photo is a shot I took when we camped one weekend at Devil's Den in NW Arkansas when our boys were little. Gosh, what was that, 18 years ago?! I'll have to check.

Red lights in the dining room! Fun, Festive -- love it.

And a photo showing the gift my oldest son, Tim, gave me for Christmas. One of those tea light wall sconces. I put white sand in each votive holder to elevate the tea lights and keep the glass from getting hot.

Since I really didn't have a chance to do much decorating or photographs before Christmas, today I thought, it's the perfect chance to take some photos before I pack up the tree tomorrow evening. Of course, I thought this only after I had removed some of the angels and items off the shelf above my fireplace. (Note to self: Get the shelf replaced with something more modern that will enhance that wall!)
I think my favorite shot was the last one I took tonight, that being the first one in this post. I may have to use it as a Christmas card next year.
The kids strung up some of the lights we found in one of the holiday tubs during moving. It's not perfect, but I love it! Though I'm sure my husband is ready for them to come down.
I'm going to add a few notes beneath some of the photos. And I know I have lots of lurkers, but I'd love for comments to be posted once in a while! So, if I get some posts on this "almost last blog of 2007" I'll pick one winner to receive a 5x7 framed image out of my etsy shop of one of my photos. Or a 5x5, depending on your choice. I'll send the winner details and I'll post here New Year's Day. And yes, you get to choose which image! So, don't be bashful blog readers, post away-but remember the rule, only NICE posts!


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only one who took half undecorated shots. I followed your link from ProPs. Wendy

Toni said...

Hey Wendy, I need your contact info, send me a PM at ProPs! You get to choose a photo from my etsy shop. Happy New Year!