Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Modern Dance beauty

Modern Dance beauty can be found in nature's forms. Tonight I had the rare pleasure of attending an Alvin Ailey performance at the Simmons Center. It was part of the Chisholm Trail Arts Council concert series. I really had been caught up in my own world and this opportunity almost slipped by me. Thanks to some wonderful co-workers who knew I would appreciate the chance to go with a tad bit of encouragement, I took my teenage 'daughter,' Kia and we sat through two hours of inspiring grace. I knew my husband wouldn't want to go, but I just could not pass it up.
I found myself moving to the music, holding my breath as I watched the lighting and drama unfold in the dance and reveled in the beauty of costumes. Energy. Even when they were unmoving, the energy was stunning!

As a child, I loved the drama and story of dance. I really wasn't built for it, so dancing for a career was out of the question. I took dance classes, mostly tap, when I was little. Loved it!

Until tonight, I had forgot how much I loved dance as an art form. The two hours went by way too fast and I'm still kicking myself for not taking my camera and getting some shots early in the show! And it's not like I couldn't have gotten some early in the day, as one of my coworkers is vp of programming for CTAC. It was nice to see such a diverse crowd, ages, backgrounds, ethnicity..cultures blended. That's what is so wonderful about dance. Following the performance, I saw many people I hadn't seen in months. Socializing outside of a work setting is a refreshing change.

If you are interested, you need to visit alvinailey.org or do a Google search for images of Alvin Ailey dance troupe. Everything you could hope to know can be found on the Ailey site, from audition schedules to history and a place to purchase items.
Aside from that, I shot this photo the other day. After watching the dancers, it made me think of this bamboo plant, with the way it is twisted and entertwined. So, in place of a real show photo of the dancers, here is dance in nature's art form.

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