Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween~!

Whoohoo! Halloween is such a fun time. Area churches host fall festivals for children to have a safe place to enjoy and the camraderie of dressing up, trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving is what great memories are made of. My kids (adults now, young though they be) attacked the pumpkins Thursday night. Jeremy's was the best, him being the artist and all anyway. We saw the photo online and then he did his version. The other pumpkins though died a painful death at Kia's carvings! But at least she gave it a try. That's the fun part! MM though had a hysterical meltdown when she thought the pumpkins were being hurt. After she saw it lit up though, everything was good. I even got photos of her by it. Forgot to size it, will add it later tonight. My favorite memory of pumpkins when I was a child are roasting the pumpkn seeds with my mom, and visiting Half Moon Bay pumpkin orchard on school field trips. I'm not much of a carver either. One year I painted the pumpkins, that was fun.

I think this one is my favorite that I shot. I love the pattern on the patio from the mouth. Reminds me of piano keys. Which makes me think of my mom and my sister and hours at the piano. Don't forget to have fun, play safe and drive even safer because of the goblins out ghosting.

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