Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meeting great authors

Dusty Richards, Western Spur Award winner, motivates crowd with his talk.
Velda Brotherton, also of NW Arkansas, writes stories of historical interest.
Ginger DeVine, California children's author, and Ron Churchman, former Comanche resident, lives in Texas, just published his first book. I did a feature on him for the paper.
Una Belle Townsend, has three children's books published, is a school teacher in Yukon. Grady's in the Silo is an Oklahoma Book Award winner. Put it on your Christmas list!
Dusty and Pat Richards show off his latest book, Texas Blood Feud.
Read and enjoy the photos.
Saturday was the Chisholm Trail Book Festival at the Simmons Center here in Duncan. There were plenty of authors and I got to meet Dusty Richards. Even got an autographed copy of his latest, Texas Blood Feud. Looking forward to reading it. Bought a book from Ginger DeVine, California children's author. Have another children's book on my list - author Una Belle Townsend ..Grady's in a Silo! Can't wait to get that copy. She's a school teacher in Yukon, Oklahoma, and the story is based on a true event from 1949 that made national headlines. She also has a couple other books out that look great.
With all that though, as I was talking to Dusty and his wife Pat, the author at the next table overheard me say something. As I moved to her table and looked at her name, Velda Brotherton, bells went off in my head! I used to read her writing online a few years ago when I was doing some family research. We hit it right off and she's got another book coming out. She's written several stories about my ancestors. I'm so glad I got to meet her.
Anyway, here's a few photos from the event. I hope this event grows and gathers great local and state public support. These authors invest a great deal of time and money to attend book festivals. Show some support by going out and talking with them and if you can't afford a book from them at the moment, keep them in mind for buying gifts.
Dusty also spoke and told the youth there and adults that even if they never write a book, to make sure to write down family stories. He's a great speaker and I loved every word. If I'd been in reporting mode, I would have been scribbling it all down.

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