Saturday, March 20, 2010

Print of the Month "Overcoming Obstacles" | Oklahoma Photographer

Starting something new this month and here is the first print.

It's a print of the month selection.
"Overcoming Obstacles"
NOTE: Update: I accidentally posted the wrong price on this. This image is $39 NOT $69 as I originally typed.
The story behind this image: I usually go out for an evening twilight drive on my birthday, but knowing a storm was coming today on my birthday, and the weather was just awesome Friday, the day before, I broke tradition and went Friday looking for spring. I let my husband drive so I can focus on looking for the shots and we saw an empty house for sale, so I felt comfortable about going up into the yard. I've never had a chance to photograph one of these "tulip trees" closely. Amazingly, this tree had taken a beating during the ice storm that walloped Oklahoma in January. It had limbs broken and hanging and just would look pathetic, had it not been for these blooms! They were even on the broken limbs barely hanging on. It reminds me that no matter what may be put in our life's path, we can overcome it and have a renewal.
It also makes me know that today's snow is just a passing thing and spring will be back in a few days, probably even better than it was yesterday.
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It is $39 plus $7.95 s/h.

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Kim Klassen said...

such a lovely image... wow i sure do love this!