Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hello Yellow Happy | Oklahoma Photographer

Sitting here listening to Jason Aldean (for all of you who knew me 'before country', don't fall off your seat!) I've listened to country for years and I could give my husband credit, but really it was when I met a young girl who was all of 12 years old, about the same age of my youngest son.

Now this girl is grown up, married and has quite a bit of pasture behind and ahead of her to tread. Katrina Elam gets most of the credit for converting me to credit. Her enthusiasm for music is fantastic.

Then again, I'd be a bad daughter/sister if I didn't mention my mother and sister. When I was little, country was big in our house, but I didn't listen to it much. It was my mom's thing and she knew many of the artists back then and I don't mean just on the radio. That's a story for another time. As for Katrina, last I heard she was working on a movie, Pure Country Gift....haven't heard anything about it since last November. I'm sure it will be wonderful. go Google it for the 411.

Back to my morning though. I'm checking my tweets, facebook and such and discover Reed Timmer's update on weather for southwest Oklahoma..severe for tomorrow..whoohoo, why though on a Monday when I'll be stuck at work?! I love to go photograph the landscape and skies --storm chaser...ha.

Of course, being that I'm barely caffeinated I'm just looking at flickr textures and decided to play with some of my old photos that were neglected. Figured 'Hello Yellow Happy' would be a good one to start this Sunday and since it's gray outside it should perk up the day.

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