Sunday, July 04, 2010

Best Fireworks Show ever! | Oklahoma Photographer

I say this for a couple reasons. One, we thought the rain would spoil it. Two, we always argue about where we will park or sit when we go to Marlow for the fireworks show. Three, we usually have to listen to some creep make remarks, or smoke like crazy, then we have to fight traffic to get home.

But this year, Duncan Chamber of Commerce put on a spectacular fireworks show, and from where they set them off we never had to leave our home, sorta. My husband set his chair up in the alley and we could literally see the set off point and the only distraction were the power poles, but I looked at that from an artistic point of view. And the fireworks were awesome!

What was funny was that my husband said, I'll 'call you' when they start, and out the door he went. I was in the bedroom hanging photos and believe me, when they started, I knew!
Scared me too. The house shook from the booms and I thought for a moment that the neighbor's fireworks had got away from them and we had trouble. Nope. I had my cell phone in one hand and camera in the other as I flew out the door.
It was so much fun, just wished all the kids had been here to enjoy it.

So thank you to everyone who made this show possible! Keep doing shows like that and Marlow may have some competition!

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