Thursday, July 01, 2010

This and that | Oklahoma photographer, today a blogoholic

I admit that I'm a blogoholic. Now this isn't to go on the record and say I want to cure such addiction. Just the opposite. I blogged when a lot of my photographer friends thought it a waste of time.
Sure, I don't get comments like many people do out there on more trivial life items, but I still like to post my photos and blog my thoughts. I can look back and see old entries in my online whatever journal that make me realize how far I've come as a photographer mostly.
And I absolutely love looking at other blogs. It can be photography, art, home decor, food, it doesn't matter. I don't discriminate as long as it has visual impact that makes me happy or provides fuel for my own creative drive.
Do I have any thought to this entry? not really, just felt like dashing it all out.

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