Thursday, August 05, 2010

Updating, Editing, Preparing for a Show

I've been busy updating my shopping cart site over at smugmug. I realized there were just too many old images lingering there so I closed those off to the public and just left a few from this past year. I didn't add anything new, but I did do some price changing and deleted a few sizes. Now it should be more customer friendly, in navigation and pricing.
If someone wants something in a particular size, just ask me and I'll reset that image to reflect the request. Remember, many links are available here on the blog if you look down and to the right.

I'm also going to soon be going back to a smaller blog photo and incorporate more writing. While I know so many online tend to gravitate toward the larger images on their blogs, I'm wanting to not look like everyone else online either. Plus it's just another three steps in adding those large images.
I figure if someone really enjoys my work, they will buy a print and won't need to see the large format online.
On a side note to this entry: The image is of a piano that is at the Sprague House B&B in Crescent City, Florida. My mother was a musician and had her own studio. We grew up with numerous instruments, her love was the piano and the violin. Sadly, I never photographed those items, but I do have her mandolin and an old guitar. I'd been longing to photograph a piano, and this was it.
As for SmugMug, I've been a member there for years, Pro member. I love having SmugMug as I do my Website, but I'm seriously considering letting both go when they come up for renewal again. That's a few months down the road, so no hurry on that decision.
I'm actually thinking of getting a new website, but again, no hurry on the decision. Meanwhile, I'm busy getting images ready for my first solo exhibit which will be at The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in September. So excited for that. It will be on display during the annual Western Spirit Celebration also and my prints and canvas work will be available for sale inside. You will also be able to just browse the show whenever the museum is open and I believe there isn't a charge unless you want to tour the entire place. They usually have free days during the annual celebration.
If you've been a long follower of my blog, you'll know about my book Riding The Chisholm Trail. This show will feature images from that book, which will be perfect as Christmas gifts for that special cowboy or cowgirl in your life.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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