Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beauty of Blogging - Oklahoma photographer

So there I am sitting looking at my summer copy of Artful Blogging. Love that magazine, but haven't had a chance to really read much of this particular issue. I stumbled onto the Simply Hue section and thought, hey, that really sounds familiar, saw Vicki D's name and knew I had a connection somehow. Terrible how we get caught up in life and little things get buried in the abyss of our over-creative minds.
I had already put my computer into sleep mode and was about to head there myself when I saw the article. So I came back to my desk.
Sure enough, went to Simply Hue, then went to my etsy to find the original post/reply that started it all. Mine is the one at the bottom and what I sent Vicki. Her reply is after, so it's on top.

Hi Toni,

Thanks for your message. :) Your photography is beautiful! Would you mind if I posted a few of your photos next Friday?

~ Vicki
12 June 2009 12:12am EDT

by photogypsy320 profile shop

I found you through your blog. I think it's yours. So far it looks quite lovely and interesting!
I hope to spend some time on it in the morning before I head off to work.

Now about that! Someone who took the time to promote ME, my photos a year ago, finally has been published. Congratulations! That's so wonderful and I've made a point to be more dedicated not only to my blog, but to the blog of Simply Hue, plus other blogs. I'm kind of hit and miss mostly and I feel a bit guilty.
Be sure to go visit Simply Hue, visit the link to see what Vicki chose to feature on her blog a year again. Do enjoy!
Oh, and come back here to post a comment to share which of my photos over there delighted you!

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