Sunday, September 19, 2010

Western Spirit Celebration | Oklahoma photographer

Thanks to Rope the dog and Hannah's boots, I have a great new photo. I used it as my twitter background page. Rope's quite the character. My granddaughter saw the dog from across the grounds during Western Spirit Celebration and took off to play with the dog. I'm glad she did or I wouldn't have gotten these great shots. I'll post more later today. By the time we got to the festival in the late afternoon, the Heritage Herd longhorns were nowhere in sight. Not sure where they went and I didn't think to ask. Last year I rode with the cattle drive, in the back of Steve Tevebaugh's wagon and every year since Mya was a baby, I've shot her photo with them as the background. Missed this year, drats! But we still managed to get some wagon shots and they are hilarious. Mya wasn't in the mood for photos yesterday. Another great thing this year was I had my first solo exhibit, which is still on display at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. Four of my photographs sold yesterday. I'll post photos in another blog entry today. The show is up until the end of the month and hopefully more images sell! Go see it if you are in the area. Well, that's the extent of this post, I smell bacon and eggs. Have a great Sunday! I love photographing dogs and their kids or people.

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