Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to the World - Cambria and Caden

Talk about beautiful babies! Caden and Cambria (actually, Cambria is on the left in the pair pic). I think they were tired of trying to be little models today. I'll have to return again soon though as they are getting past that posey stage that newborn photographers love. These are my grandbabies and are going to be loved just as much as my others, in fact they already are! This is probably the closest we will get for a Halloween type photo, though I do plan to try again soon. These babes arrived 10-10-10 and each weighed just over 4 pounds and were about 16 inches long. They are so precious!

It was funny, Cambria knew when she was not getting all the attention and then when I tried to put them together to put their arms around each other, she wanted only to sleep and not have her space invaded. So cute! Caden, well he was just a quiet little guy. "Peanut!" Funny, that's what I used to call his daddy when he was a baby.

And look at this smile! Heart melt for sure. Next one is mom Maurie giving a soothing touch to little mister!

2 of my favorite shots right here! I think Caden has figured out how to "heart" his love!
Thank you Maurie, I had a great time today! Cyndi, thanks for being a constant in their world. These babies have lots of love around them. Just doesn't get better than that!

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