Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Anti-Extreme Couponing Test

I just happened to have one of those rare days when I woke up at 6 a.m. and was ready to enjoy my day. With predictions of 100 degree weather I also decided to go shopping early and get it out of the way. I grabbed my newspaper out of my driveway and quickly went through it to find the coupons. Today, they were in it. The last few Sundays we haven't had any and I just don't normally buy the city paper for $2. I prefer local news reading being I'm on a budget and all, right?!
Anyway, there's only a handful of coupons I would clip and use. I'm not one of those to buy things just because there's a coupon or because it's on sale. Either it has to be something we will use or a really really good bargain.
But it still has to be something I'd use.
In today's coupons, I found the usual toothpaste, V8 tomato juice and splashers, which I would buy. Our family is a liquid type bunch.
And then I saw the ULTIMATE coupon! $2 off a four pack of Seattle's Best Coffees. I love those things. I quit drinking Starbucks Frappuccinos a few weeks ago and then discovered SBC had made it to Oklahoma - finally! There was also a coupon for Excedrin, any kind, 20 count or more, .75 cents off, and I thought this was a good day.
So I went to Wal-Mart first for a couple things I needed from there which I knew Homeland and Walgreens don't have.
And I still didn't get my SBC. Guess I'll have to make my own today!
But, at 7 a.m. Wal-Mart is working against couponers of all kinds. They literally had pulled ALL the Excedrin, except for back and body and migraine. Well I got the migraine 24 count.
Then I went to get SBC, I knew they would have it. They always have it. Nope. It was all pulled off the shelf too. How convenient for them.
I finished my shopping there, headed to checkout and had a total of, are you ready for this? $3.50 in coupons. Whoa, hold the lines. Bring the film crew, right.
So the guy starts scanning, then the Excedrin coupon won't go through. Says item not found. Well he knew he just rang it up. He starts looking at that coupon, dissecting it, looking at the fine print, etc.. I'm like, just read it...pretty obvious it's for any kind, picture or not.
He says Walmart won't allow override of coupons now. Meanwhile, he's still trying to find something to say about not taking the coupon. Ugg. Then he goes out to the other clerk (I'm in the garden section). She says override it. Of course, meanwhile, I'm making comical comments like, wow, I'm some extreme couponer,huh -- it's not like I have 10 bottles and coupons here. Let's not save .75 cents. I seriously was ready to put the item back (even though it is something I'd normally buy).
Plus I had about $50 in groceries and other items.
I also went to Homeland, they don't have any SBC either. But they at least honored the $1 coupon on A1 steak and DOUBLED it, making that buy a .99 cent item. Whoohoo.
As I was walking out of that store, an older woman was in the store with a couple coupons, paid for some items, went outside and got her BOX, yes, a huge file cabinet type box to return to do her Extreme Coupon shopping. I was half tempted to go follow her just to see what success she would have.
But, the point of this blog post was to give you a heads up. Walmart is doing its best to shut down couponers on any items which might prove popular. I thought so the last few times I went shopping when I didn't find the items on the shelf. Now I know. Because I am sure no couponer in Duncan, America, would have been able to wipe out shelves and shelves of Excedrin. Why else would they 'eliminate' that coupon at the register? Think about it.

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Lana Trussell said...

Or what I have found out is that the extreme coupon people have already wiped out the shelves! Believe me, I have a daughter who is an extreme coupon person. Being a single mother of two it works for her and my grand kids get fed....but sometimes I's like she's becoming a hoarder!