Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cool dish on a hot day - Oklahoma foodie photographer

Blue crab, avocado and campari tomato tower

blue crab, avocado, campari tower 2

I picked up a copy of Southern Lady today and at the same time, grabbed the ingredients for a recipe in it, but I always deviate from the original. So well worth it. Some people claim they can't afford to eat healthy or that it takes too much time. I disagree.
I hate sitting in a drive-thru for fast food, especially in 110 degree weather. Actually when I got into my car today, it said 116! Just trying to do chores was a bit much for this girl who hails from the city by the Bay and spent most of her life living in areas like Colorado or the Pacific Northwest.
Someone said yesterday this could just stay hot like this through September.
But back to the food since I know you are wanting to know how to make it.
I didn't have a ring mold, and thanks to a great foodie who has the most delectable business on Main Street (Distinctive Decor - check it out online and facebook - They ship everywhere!) he suggested I use a tuna can. Perfect.
The quick version is chop up an avocado, sprinkle some lemon juice, salt and pepper on it, put it into your fancy ring mold. In a bowl, mix up blue crab, a Tablespoon of fresh chopped dill, 2 T. mayo, salt, pepper, some lemon zest. That goes in next, then your tomato on top. Yummy.
I added two secret ingredients, but this is the recipe in the book. Oh yes, they had parsley. This was perfect, easy to make and not too much for a hot day.
I also made a tropical sangria, courtesy of the recipe in the magazine. More yummy for a hot day.
Five stars.
"About the dish" - I've had this really neat dish for a long time. It's been packed away, pulled out, considered for etsy, stuck back in the cupboard. I kept thinking one day I will have a great little meal to put on it and get some cool shots. Well, as you see, it finally found its meal.

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