Saturday, February 10, 2007

Railroad fun!

This was from a November session. This was the only time so far I've gotten to take A's photo. She's a beauty, but she lives in NE OK, and doesn't get down here often to visit her grandmother, who I work with. For the photo critics out there, the original image is not overexposed! I intentionally lightened this and played around to get this color tone. I know her grandmother is going to flip and love this one! I've developed a reputation for my colorful images, but am getting a lot of requests for more subdued image tones. Hey, I can do that too! In fact, in a few weeks, those in my immediate area will be able to see a bunch of images on display at a long-established jewelry store. Those images will definitely be different from what you're used to seeing, but I think they will be as gorgeous if not more so than my colorful kids images.
I'll reveal the store in two weeks, maybe sooner! It's already a done deal. The subdued toned images will be at that location exclusively.

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