Thursday, June 14, 2007

Weddings, Patriotism and more!

Well, no one nibbled at the Friday Foto special I offered, but that's OK! I have plenty of other photo-related tasks to deal with this week. I am booked on Saturday for a family session in the morning on location and a birthday party in the afternoon. I'm also deep in design as I work on a wedding album from a wedding I shot last fall. I'm so excited to get into the creative part of this business. I'm so lucky to have people who let me photograph their most treasured moments and then to come back and ask me to do more with those photos. WOW! Thank you! And of course, when I'm in these 'creative overdrives,' I tend to be bursting with high energy. Exactly how did you put that Tina?! LOL Can't wait to see you and your little guy on Saturday!
Along with these CO's - I get all kinds of ideas racing. I'll soon be changing the appearance of my studio downtown. I'm keeping it for awhile longer, but you'll see some changes even if you drive down the street and just glance at it.

And now is the time to book your Patriotic Portrait Session! This is a Limited Edition 1-day only event! It will be July 4, which is a Wednesday. Reserved sessions only. If you are interested, please e-mail me or call me for the details. I'll be posting some images I shot last year using the American flag, but I can promise you it will be even better this year. Still simple, but not something to miss! There is an additional surprise backdrop for those who reserve their session for this great day.

Well, no photo for the moment. Oh, post and let me know if you like my new blogger header, or should I put my little beach girl back up there?!! I'm so torn....

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Misty C said...

I personally love the new blogger header… Not JUST because it has my child in it either! LOL! I like the fact that it shows off more of your work. I loved the beach girl too though. Beautiful photo… I can see where you’d be torn!