Saturday, September 01, 2007

1000 Journals

Imagine stumbling onto a blog (Rag and Bone Bindery) and finding out that something you did years ago is now in a real book, talked about on the morning news shows, etc..! That's my surprise today. I participated in the 1000 journals, #742 to be exact and now the shoddiness of my attempts is out there for the whole world to view and read! Ack! The sad child-like attempt of artwork, I can't even remember what my idea wait, it's coming to me slowly...I saw a building in Texas on a road trip and decided to mimic its wildness on one of the pages. My "work" (can I really call myself an artist now? LOL -- is featured on pages 20-23 of the scans seen here:
And if you keep looking you will see some entries by Zoe. Awhile back, Someguy wrote me asking how to track Zoe down since I sent the book to her, but I couldn't find her address as it was stored in a computer that long ago died. Her work is in there right after mine and she's got some cool things going on.
One of the cool things about being in this project was it began from someguy's idea out of San Francisco, the city of my birthplace and where my pop lived before he died. I have lots of ties to that city (mostly heartstrings). And now to see the journal I 'arted' in made it into the final book is really awesome.
I'm ordering one from Amazon if I can't get it for the same low price through my local book store.
And there's a link to the ABC video where someguy talks about the journals. Go watch it! I know I'm reinspired to pull out my journals and start again. But, gypsy moon (my handmade soap line and what I used for art groups) has long been shelved. I do have an etsy store: photogypsy320 where I plan to sell my art photos. I do better creating those than I do with paint and markers!

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