Sunday, September 16, 2007

Barn for sale!

So, the cattle drive (see blog entry below) peaked my western interest once again. And amazing what one can find on ebay! An 1800s barn for sale just under $10,000!
Check it out: 250165952437 (item #)
There are about 9 photos posted on the ebay listing. Pretty cool. My mom always wanted to get a barn and turn it into a home. When I was younger, I used to laugh about that and tease her. The idea was so lost on me back then. Now in the process of house hunting, I could imagine doing this. Especially with homes around here listing at $80,000.


Andrea said...

Cool find! I would even purchase it for seniors/families! Too bad it's not closer to you!! Turning that into a house would be awesome tho! Good luck house can't touch a decent house in my area for 80,000, everythings over $100,000!

Toni said...

Well silly! I didn't say the houses were decent at $80,000! One we looked at yesterday needed minimum of $10,000 in upgrades, with $20,000 being more like it. And the vintage stove and fridge? olive green, ick! oh and the vintage bathroom, pink everywhere I really should have snapped a photo! LOL