Sunday, February 10, 2008

M. sees her first horse

And even horses need bling!

Wonderful craftsmanship from some of the top spurmakers known...saw the name Tony Wallace on one of the cards.

Gorgeous prints, rugs and photos from Red River Western Decor (dot com)..images were either Tim Cox or Tom Ryan. This one was priced $165, the frame was beautiful. You can find both artists online. I believe this might have been a Tim Cox image. Considering the online artist pricing, this price with frame was a steal! You can also find their work available at art online stores.

You'd think I could get a wonderful moment like this in focus!

The Oklahoma Horse Fair was in town for four days, but I only managed to get there for an hour on Saturday. And we really didn't do much in the way of watching horses, but browsed and visited with vendors. I bought a really cool gel candle that has barbed wire in it and the lid was 'branded' -smells good too. Banana Nut Bread. Wish I could remember who the vendor was. I thought I had his card?! He's not online though. He also was selling some nice jewelry.

Fell in love with some handcrafted beds from a artisan up near the NW Arkansas border. And bought a couple of photograph notecards from a photographer whose work is nice. One of them was of an old barn by Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had more photos but deleted them to make room for some extra images I shot of a friend right after our stop at the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center. She's wanting a portrait to give her husband for Valentines Day.

Anyway, K., M. and I had fun looking at all the 'horse bling' and baby even got her first up close encounter with one of the horses there for sale.

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look at baby M ha ha
i love the bling