Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mossy Moments

These two images were an unexpected surprise today. I was photographing some of my vintage cameras (which I plan to put in my etsy shop for sale in about two weeks, I want to get them ordered first) but after I finished shooting and started away, I spied the little shell and some teeny red berries.

There was some wonderful moss nearby so I set up the shot. The original shot is so rich and green, but since it's winter, I decided to add some red into the image to enhance the muted browns in the scene. I like this, but knowing my preference for forests and greens and the thought of Ireland settings, I'll probably print them in the green version. After I finished with the half shell and berries, I spied the white rock which was halfway in the ground.

I so wanted to take it, but figured it had a home there since it appeared to be in that hole for some time and the fact that it was on the land of a property that is on the National Register of Historic Places, I felt it was only proper to leave it alone.

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