Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of the many bears that can be found in my home. Basically, none are off limits because what's the use of having a teddy bear that can't be hugged, loved, dragged around the house and into the yard? I mean really, that's what they are for. I don't have dolls in my house, other than what MM has and maybe a couple others. I have three small Dawn dolls from my childhood that are packed away in one of those popcorn tins with a bunch of other leftover childhood things and I have a big doll that is missing a leg, I think. It's packed away too. The only other dolls would be handmade Raggedy Anns from my mom, but as for dolls, nope, not one of those people. I do like the Raggedy Ann dolls.
I think the reason I'm not a big doll fan is that it all goes back to the fact I lost the only doll I really loved. My sister gave it to me when I was like 7, it was made of rubber and had white hair. I saw one similar to it in the Prairie Rose boutique last year, but it wasn't for sale.
I lost mine when my oldest son was about 2 and pretty much swore off dolls. My mom had tons of them, including a massive collection of my large dolls, but I saw no reason to keep them and encouraged her to share with less fortunate little girls. After all, I was a grown woman.
Do I regret that decision? Never, not for one day.
MM wasn't into teddy bears for a long time, then she just decided that they were a good toy to have. She loves this one especially, it's the newest addition. She also has a red bear she loves.
At Christmas, I bought her a big 'Tinkerbell' type doll and a doll that would sing the "I'm a little teapot" song (I sang that at my kindergarten graduation, wow!). She has some other dolls and a huge Dora doll. But she's not overly attached to any of them.
Teddy Bears though. One can never have too many. don't scoff. I'm serious. You see, if you have plenty of teddy bears, there is always one that you can share with someone who doesn't have one. I personally enjoy hunting at the thrift and antique stores for teddy bears. I always give it a good Lysol spray and some Febreze first if I think it won't withstand a quick wash. Most are very clean to begin with, even if they appear scuffed. I think I have a huge box in storage that needs to come out and be aired and shared. Will have to do that this spring.
Do you have a favorite Teddy? Share your photo!

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