Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crapemyrtles in bloom | Oklahoma Photographer

I have found great joy in being able to give back to my community through the art of my photography. I went out Sunday morning shooting, held an umbrella in one hand and camera in the other so I could get some shots of the crapemyrtles in bloom for the upcoming Crepes for Crapemyrtle party. I will pick out two of them and they will be matted, framed and signed and available in the silent auction July 5. I had already donated two images, but Carolyn Rodgers, the organizer of the event, asked if I wouldn't mind switching out the images to keep it more in theme. No problem!
So I really searched for areas that I could get the nicest shots from. And in keeping with the whole Duncan beautification efforts and the fact I like to promote our history and future path, I went to an area that marries that concept. The old Duncan Middle School and the Prairie House. Both were eye sores just a few years ago and now they are looking like people care about them. They are close to Main Street and that's where the awesome mural is that shouts Duncan is the crapemyrtle capital of the state.
Anyway, it's getting ready to really storm, so time to stop my post before I lose it!

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