Friday, March 23, 2007

Tutus, vintage outfits and Sailor adorableness!

She looks like a porcelain doll!
Borders are added to a few select wallet images from your session.
Another glowing moment!
It's all about the tutu!
And this one has got to be one of my favorites! That dress is one her mother wore when she was just a tot. I love vintage clothing, esp. for little tots!
In fact, I have a few outfits that can be used in your tot's session if you like that but don't have anything.

Finally! All day I've tried to access my blog. It was a minor issue, but is resolved! Before I forget, I'm booked Saturday and all day on the 31st with senior and tot sessions. I'm also partially booked for April 6. Seniors, the next two weeks really should be when you get your senior sessions out of the way so you have time to order wallets and send out graduation announcements. Call me today!

Enjoy the pictures of little miss k! Her daddy is in the Navy and I'm going to miss this family when they head to Jacksonville, Fla. this summer. (Course, you just never know, my sister lives down there and I could one day, if I talk my family into it, move down there!)

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Misty Cullum said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! May personal favorite is the very first one... Can't wait to see Katelyn in a tutu! The little girl in the photos is just too cute!