Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Upcoming specials

I will be posting some upcoming specials on Monday. There are a couple of catches. The photo event that the special will be for is for a TWO DAY time period with a pre-set appointment. Be sure to share the news with friends and family who are wanting some spring portraits. All the details will be posted Monday.
And some of you may notice the watermarks on my images. That's because there was a woman in another state that has been caught stealing other people's photographs and claiming they were her own. It's a shame that we can't just share freely for fear of someone doing something like this. So many of my photographer friends are so willing to share their knowledge and their time with others just starting out, or even donate sessions for worthy causes. It's disgusting that someone would do something like that instead of taking the time to learn, invest and give back in the right manner.
Why am I sharing this here? Because, if you even post "mommy" snapshots of your children online, be sure to watermark your images for a bit of added protection. Or at least, reduce the image size so that if someone tries to use it they won't get a suitable print.
As for that woman who calls herself a photographer, I hope that either Nancy Grace or Dr. Phil calls her on it. She should be ashamed! She took advantage of people that have been more than happy to share their knowledge with many, including myself.


Misty said...

So, does this mean it might cost me a little less this time? LOL! I can't believe what you put about the person stealing the photos! How crazy is that!? I hope Nancy Grace does go after them! I freakin' love her! She's a hoot! Oh, btw... Did you get your new backdrops in?

Toni said...

Got new backdrops in! And I have more coming! I'm booked this weekend through Monday! whoohoo!
Oh, the photographer is really in some hot water! The images she stole came from people I am on the same pro group with. Wait til you see what I'm posting next!

Misty said...

Yay on the new backdrops! I can't wait. We are still on for the 6th, right?! I absolutely love the photos in your latest post! Just BEAUTIFUL!!!