Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fields of Flowers!

These are probably two of my favorite kids to photograph that aren't even related to me!
I remember the first time I shot B's photo, she was about a year old playing in a wading pool. That was nine years ago or so! Wow! Then I had the pleasure of photographing M's birthday tea party earlier a few months ago. Such fun!

The first photo I shot later in the afternoon, completely natural light, no flash at all. The second image I shot about two hours earlier in the day at a different location. I love both of these images and really can't decide which is my favorite! The second one they were totally caught off guard. I just love the naturalness of it.
Thank you Tiffany for letting me photograph your girls - yet again! I'll be posting more images later tonight, but a movie demands my attention! hah! Actually, I've demanded my husband watch it with me so off I go!
Oh, and hint hint....POST your comments here in the comment section underneath! Please! I need some feedback generated! LOL I have way too many 'blog stalkers' who never post NICE feedback!


Misty Cullum said...

Well, I know you're not talking about me... hehehe... The first one is my fav. Love the lighting. Just gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your movie. Sounds like fun. I can never get Jason to stay awake through one!

Anonymous said...

I think they are great! They are just as beautiful as their mother! You have always done a fantastic job Toni!
The Mom

Toni said...

Well "The Mom" wait til you see the one of the three of you. Gorgeous! And I love "The Mom" title! I have many favorites to post.

Misty, the lighting is perfect. Took it about 7 p.m. We could do little missy's photos there if she was sitting up yet!
You crack me up! We're watching Notes on a Scandal. different. Watched Stiller's Night at the Museum last night! Loved it! total fun!

Misty Cullum said...

Oh, Night at the Museum was fun. What parts I saw of it... It's so funny that you mentioned it... After I typed the comment about Jason always going to sleep. I'm the one who fell asleep during that one! LOL, I don't know what got into me... I must have been really tired! Jason actually stayed awake for it!!!! Oh, and we are still working on the sitting up. She's teething this week too!

Tina Harrison said...

I can't wait til you take our FAMILY portrait!!! These photos are AWESOME!