Saturday, April 14, 2007

Miss K the princess

Misty, I know you've checked at least five times if not 500 to see the sneak peek from Friday's session. Well, here you go! I've posted four.
She's lovely as always. I can't wait until she's really sitting up on her own. Thank you again for letting me photograph your daughter.
I hope these look OK on your monitor. Please give me a call Saturday to let me know!


Beth Naranjo said...

These are just precious, Toni! What a doll baby. I love the onesie, too-what a great idea!

Misty Cullum said...

Oh my gosh! They are just PRECIOUS! I absolutely LOVE them! The first and second are my fav! I can't get over how much she is starting to look like her daddy. The pics really pick that up! Yes, I've checked a few times... I'll admit it! LOL, you know me all too well! Thank you sooo much, Toni. I cannot wait to see the rest!