Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How do you like?!

My new BANNER! I did it tonight. Took a bit of time to get everything placed just so. Of course, come December, I'll probably change it again! I am already thinking about holiday stuff. Trying to keep it very simple this year, what with the economy and all. Just getting back to basics. To me, apples are as basic as it gets! I remember plenty of days in apple orchards in Sebastopol, California. Such fun!
Then, when I was pregnant with my first baby, my sister and I frequently went to apple orchards in NW Arkansas. Wow, that was a long time ago! And all the applesauce my mom and I made, well, I believe it was my son's first food!
My husband's favorite memories of apples, I believe, involve apple butter his German grandma and mom made when he was a kid. Funny how a food such as simple as apples can bring with it the greatest memories. Truly a comfort food and definitely a staple!
I love Washington state apples. Oh, wow, don't even get me started there. Delicious doesn't begin to describe the yumminess!
Apples are also probably the 'healthiest' food nature ever gave us. My mom and my husband's stepdad both liked apples on a daily basis. They both lived long stubborn lives! Some of my favorite images are apples! I don't have them sized, or I would share them here. Maybe another day - soon, very soon!
What is your favorite apple, recipe or food-related memory? Post a comment and I'll publish it for all to see!

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flip flops and pearls said...

Love it Toni!!
I bought a new template several months back from Kim T and I haven't found the "right pics" for it yet, lol. I think it will have to be resized cause the one on there is from here too and it's too large....what size it you make?

Looks great and LOVE the apples and the analogy on life...ahh to have lived with things were phones, cars or COMPUTERS and apples were like filet mignon!